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Woman in tears after stranger hands her incredible note at Winter Wonderland

Woman in tears after stranger hands her incredible note at Winter Wonderland

A simple act of kindness has turned into a pay-it-forward initiative

The festive season is a time of gratitude and good deeds, and seeing it happen in real-life is a moment to remember forever.

For some, Christmas is a struggle as the cost-of-living continues to tighten belts, but one person’s holidays was changed by a good Samaritan in an unlikely place.

A mum was visiting the Winter Wonderland in Nottingham on Friday, December 15 with her two children and was brought to tears after a little note was placed into her hands, along with a gift.

The mum-of-two was visiting Winder Wonderland when she received a surprise gift.

What was the gift?

An envelope containing £100 in cash!

But it wasn’t a one-off situation as many members who visited the Winter Wonderland also received surprise Christmas gifts.

This mum now wants to thank the mystery woman for her act of kindness and charitable envelope.

The heartfelt note from this stranger is also something she is truly grateful for, and it even brought tears to her eyes from the sheer amazement of what had happened.

The lovely note said: "Merry Christmas. It's been a tough year for everyone. Please take this and have a great Christmas. Buy that extra gift, order that extra good, treat that extra person or just yourself. The world is a better place with you in it."

However, that wasn’t all.

If you’ve ever watched the classic, Pay It Forward, you’ll know exactly what kind of amazing outcome this person wanted to happen with their gesture.

The stranger continued in their letter: "The only thing I ask is... if or when you can afford it, please pay the gesture forward. Or when the opportunity arises offer a kind gesture. Merry Christmas."

The note was written by a lovely stranger.

The mum, overwhelmed by the money and words was astonished by what was happening to her.

She said to The Mirror: "I tried to find the lady to thank her but she appeared to see me coming and dashed off."

At the time, she was so thankful and surprised that she was left ‘a little tearful’ afterwards.

She explained: "You see these things online but don't expect them to happen to you on a random christmassy afternoon out with your kids. It's such a kind gesture."

Will we see a part 2 in the future?

According to the lady, she is keen to find the stranger so that she can thank her properly, though the chances of that happening are slim as she has no idea who the person is.

Christmas really is the time for giving.

Featured Image Credit: Christopher Heil/Getty Stock Images

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