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Top UK martial arts expert shares best way to fight off XL Bully attack

Top UK martial arts expert shares best way to fight off XL Bully attack

He's weighed in on the topic after the UK Government announced it would be banning the breed

A martial arts and self defence expert has shared the ‘best option’ if you should happen to have a run-in with a dangerous dog.

Matt Fiddes - who once worked as a bodyguard for Michael Jackson - has weighed in on the topic after the UK Government announced last week that it would begin proceedings to get American XL bullys banned.

Fiddes, 44, has backed the ban and suggested that the dogs aren’t good ‘family pets’.

"The American XL bully is not fit to be a family pet - they were bred to defend and attack, effectively replacing the pit bull following their ban,” he said.

Matt Fiddes has shared his thoughts on the topic.

"I am calling on the government to introduce a licensing system for all dogs, classifying dogs by dangerousness. The more of a danger they are to the public, the higher the fees paid.

"I would also like to see an insurance-related law that commands all owners to have dogs insured.

"I would make it super expensive and virtually impossible to get insurance for the XL bully or other dogs related to the breed.

"I would also like to see a law that prevents dogs like the XL bully to be out in public without a muzzle.

"How many more innocent victims need to die before people wake up to the reality that these dogs pose a serious risk to the public?

"As a father-of-six, it's extremely worrying."

The UK Government has announced XL bullys will be banned.

He also shared what he believes to be the ‘best option’ if you do come into contact with a dangerous dog.

Fiddes said: "The trouble with a breed like that is that honestly, even if you're Bruce Lee, you're screwed.

''If you're fighting them with your bare hands, you lose. They're so tenacious, they'll fight you like a tiger.

''Your only option is to run or to call for help. It's not worth the risk going anywhere near them.

"If you ever are confronted by one of them and you cannot escape, you can try and fight the animal with items in your surroundings.

"Sometimes even larger animals like this get scared off if you actually fight back.

''You can use objects like a table to block it, or a chair, or even a handbag.

"The best option though is to maintain self awareness. You've got to be aware of your surroundings, recognise a danger well in advance and avoid it.

"That is always the best option for other threats, whether it's a gun, a knife or just someone acting strangely on a train - you should just avoid the situation."

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