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Pensioner Can't Wait To Be 'Chasing Girls' Again After Receiving Vaccine

Pensioner Can't Wait To Be 'Chasing Girls' Again After Receiving Vaccine

Don't worry Norman, not long now

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A cheeky pensioner has said that he can't wait to get back to 'chasing girls' once again now that he's had the coronavirus vaccine.

90-year-old Norman Hance was one of the 900 or so of the most vulnerable residents of Lewes in East Sussex who received the UK's newly-approved Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine last week, and he's keen to get his life back on track again following months of lockdown spent shielding.

Well, he'll have to wait for a little bit yet, because it's a two dose vaccine, so he'll be required to come back for a second dose in a matter of weeks.

However, the OAP was clearly delighted to have been amongst the first to be vaccinated against the virus.

Speaking to The Times immediately after his inoculation, he said: "All done and dusted.

"Now I can get back to my favourite occupation. Chasing girls."

Hey, each to their own, right?


The folks who received their vaccinations over the past three days in Lewes haven't had it easy, either.

The vulnerable and elderly folks had to wait outside in the cold and sometimes in the rain whilst the doctors and nurses tried to get everyone jabbed as quickly as possible at Foundry Healthcare.

The team featured just eight members of staff and they struggled to get through as many as one patient every four and a half minutes.

However, the plan is to dramatically scale up vaccinations to around one million people every week, and Hance believes that everyone was trying as hard as they possibly can.

He continued: "It's a learning curve, everybody is trying to do their best.

"I'm just glad they found something to deal with this damn virus that is playing hell with everybody's lives. Hopefully now we can see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel."


Another in line for the vaccine was 88-year-old Daphne Foster, who said that she's just looking forward to seeing her family again.

She explained: "I've been very lonely. No hugs. It has been horrible. I can't wait. We'll be able to mix again."

One of the doctors delivering the vaccine service, Dr Heath, said: "I've been waiting for this moment since the very beginning. It's astonishingly brilliant.

"This is the single most important thing that we've had to do."

Well, let's hope that they can continue their good work and get as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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