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Police Shut Down 18th Birthday Party After Guests Ignore Lockdown Rules

Police Shut Down 18th Birthday Party After Guests Ignore Lockdown Rules

Officers were called to clear the house party

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

It's a strange time at the moment for many of us - some families are only able to see each other on FaceTime when they would normally sit and have a brew together, while new grandparents are restricted to seeing their grandchildren through windows.

Not only that, but parties and celebrations are being pushed back everywhere - however, one house in Newham, London, didn't seem to get the memo, as a family held an 18th birthday bash with 25 guests.

Officers were called to the address on Saturday evening (4 April) after learning that the hosts and guests were ignoring social distancing guidelines.

Newham Police took to social media, sharing a picture of the room - packed out with balloons, chairs (not two metres apart) and bottles of wine - along with the caption: "After a day of stop and search and foot chases, Newham's NTT have been called to clear a house party in Central Park Road. This family thought law relating to social distancing shouldn't apply to 18th birthday parties. Twenty-five guests moved on."

Responding to their tweet, one person wrote: "I feel for the 18-year-old unable to celebrate, but really?! Which kind of stupid parents would allow that?"

Another added: "FFS, we're gonna be in lockdown until Christmas if be****ds keep ignoring it. Well done to the police, you're doing a great job."

A third wrote: "My boy is going to be 18. And another turning 11. They know their birthdays will have a bigger celebration when we are allowed and there is no chance of passing on a deadly virus."

Also on Saturday Brockwell Park was closed.

Saturday must have been the day for ignoring lockdown rules because Lambeth Council took the decision to close one of its London parks due to a 'minority' of people that were spotted sunbathing and gathering in large groups.

Brockwell Park, south of Brixton, was shut after more than 3,000 people visited it on Saturday.

The council - who have reopened the park today - said in a statement over the weekend: "Despite clear advice, over 3,000 people spent today in Brockwell Park, many of them sunbathing or in large groups. This is unacceptable. Unfortunately, the actions of a minority now mean that, following police advice, Brockwell Park will be closed tomorrow."

The council then later added: "We are sorry we've had to take this decision. This wouldn't need to happen if people followed the clear instructions from the Govt.

"We are doing this for the wider safety of the public. A minority of people have not followed the guidance - regrettably we have to act."

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Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Newham MPS | North East BCU

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