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67-Year-Old Man Shocked After Receiving An Offensive Letter From Theresa May

67-Year-Old Man Shocked After Receiving An Offensive Letter From Theresa May

You must be f**king joking...

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A council worker has been left stunned after receiving a letter from the Conservative Party that contained some pretty colourful language.

The letter, which was intended to encourage party supporters to donate money to the local council election funds arrived addressed to 'Mr Youmustbe F**kingjoking'.

To make matters worse, the letter was signed and headed by the Prime Minister, Theresa May.


The sweary missive arrived through the letterbox of a 67-year-old in South London on February, alongside some Conservative Party leaflets and a donation form that was already pre-filled out with the name 'Youmustbe F**kingjoking'.

What makes matters even more confusing is that he is not a Conservative Party supporter and has no idea why he would have received anything from the party, let alone addressed to such a bizarre name.

The Brixton resident told the Daily Mail: "At first I thought it was a scam but then I looked at the picture of the PM, the signature, and the donation card. I couldn't believe my eyes.

"It was a complete shock to my system. I was embarrassed and insulted. This is the woman we are trusting with our country, and yet her party can't even send out letters correctly."


He continued: "I was upset for a while. My first thought was how many people had received this letter?

"Was it my area targeted, where this is a high amount of ethnic minorities? Was it deliberate? I don't know. Eventually I showed it to my son and he was so shocked as well."

The offensive political post was brought to the public's attention on Twitter by his neighbour, Laura McCormack after her neighbour's son showed her.

She tweeted a picture of the offending letter and said: "Trying to argue they can run the country 'when they can't even work mail merge'.

McCormack wrote: "My elderly neighbours were more than a little upset to be addressed in this manner by the PM.

"To add insult to injury the Conservatives had the cheek to ask for cash!"

She continued: "It came alongside official Tory leaflets in an official conservative envelope. I did check that."

"They're not party members and have no idea why they've been contacted.

"Either way it's concerning that no-one picked up on it. Surely technology should be set to flag offensive terms?"

A spokesperson from the Conservative Party said: "It is unacceptable that this letter was sent out and we apologise for any offence caused.

"We are currently investigating this matter to ensure it does not happen again."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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