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​Prince Harry Proposed To Meghan Markle While They Were Roasting Chicken

​Prince Harry Proposed To Meghan Markle While They Were Roasting Chicken

Most singletons would imagine the moment they get engaged as an extravagant affair, maybe in the centre of a bridge with confetti cannons going off.



Credit: Sky News

But even for Royals, getting engaged can be a quieter affair, as Prince Harry revealed that he proposed to Meghan Markle while roasting a chicken. Very classy.

The couple, who have been seeing each other since last summer, discussed Harry's proposal in their first ever joint interview today.

"It happened a few weeks ago, earlier this month, here at our cottage; just a standard typical night for us," Prince Harry told the BBC:


Meghan explained that the couple were having a 'cosy night in', adding: "[We were] trying to roast a chicken and it was just an amazing surprise, it was so sweet and natural and very romantic. He got on one knee."

Credit: PA

According to Harry, the pair hugged straight after Prince Harry offered the Suits actor his hand in marriage.

However, 36-year-old Meghan was so excited Harry had to remind her to take the ring he was holding. Smooth going all round then.

Prince Harry said: "She didn't even let me finish! She said, 'Can I say yes? Can I say yes?' and then there were hugs and I had the ring in my finger and I was like, 'Can I... Can I give you the ring?' She goes, 'Oh yes, the ring!'

"It was a really nice moment, it was just the two of us and I think [I] managed to catch her by surprise as well."

Credit: PA

Thirty-three--year-old Harry, who is fifth in line to the British throne, popped the question earlier this month with a ring he designed himself, containing two diamonds which belonged to his mum, Princess Diana.

Harry said he thought Diana would be happy with the proposal too, as he told BBC presenter Mishal Husain that his mum would be 'jumping up and down somewhere' over the news.

"Without question, I think she would be over the moon, jumping up and down, you know, so excited for me," Harry said, "but then, as I said, she would have probably been best friends with Meghan.

"You know, it is days like today when I really miss having her around and miss being able to share the happy news. But you know, with the ring and with everything else that's going on, I'm sure she's ..."

"She's with us," Meghan added. Sounds like you've got a keeper if she's finishing your sentences, Harry.

Prince Harry's engagement to Meghan was announced this morning and the pair are now set to get married in the spring.

No doubt their wedding will have tons more bells and whistles, but it's nice to know even the Windsors can keep things modest.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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