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School Ditches Uniforms During Heatwave

School Ditches Uniforms During Heatwave

The head teacher is letting pupils were shorts and t-shirts to school due to the heat

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

As the sun has well and truly had his hat on lately, we've seen the usual parade of kids being sent home from school for refusing to stick to dress code because it's just far too warm to be wearing long trousers.

But one school in Derby has gone down the other route and has scrapped uniforms while the weather is hot so pupils don't miss out on learning, the Derby Telegraph reports.

Staff at West Park School have told kids they can rock up to school in their PE kits - shorts and a t-shirt - while the mercury rises.

During the recent mini-heatwave, temperatures in the area have hit a sweltering 28C causing headteacher Brian Walker to introduce the new rules.

Brian said: "The weather we have experienced is extraordinarily hot and, as this is an old building, on some days it is not as cool as many modern day air-conditioned buildings.

"Therefore, we are doing everything we can to ensure that our pupils have the best learning environment possible.

"While the children are at school, we want to care for them.

Trinity Mirror

"If you walk around the school classrooms now, you can hear the hum of learning as you would do on any normal day at school."

Nice to see a bit of common sense, isn't it?

The weather has been so warm that our man Brian has even relaxed the dress-code for his staff.

He added: "The staff have joined in too and, I must confess, this is the first day in 45 years that I have not worn a tie as the conditions are so hot." Jesus Brian, calm down.

Naturally, not having to melt while doing maths has been popular with kids.

One pupil, 12-year-old Matty Ferguson, said: "I think it is a really good idea and has really helped me keep cool.

"The weather has been really nice over the last few days, but we were getting hot and bothered at school and wearing the PE kits have made it much easier to do our work in lesson."

Brian wearing a tie.
Trinity Mirror

And if you're wondering what the students do if they have PE, they're told to bring in a second kit. Genius.

Brian said: "A lot of the students have taken up the offer, but it is their choice and if they don't want to then they can come in their uniform, whatever is comfortable for them."

The school will be reassessing each day whether the weather deems it too hot to wear a full uniform or not. In the meantime, at least no one is being sent home for breaching their uniform-rules.

Featured Image Credit: Trinity Mirror

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