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UK supermarket is selling steak even cheaper than Poundland

UK supermarket is selling steak even cheaper than Poundland

The steaks are part of its Just Essentials range

Many of us have been feeling the pinch of the cost of living crisis, although some supermarkets have slashed the price of food to make certain items more affordable, and now steak is included.

So if you're looking for some red meat to get your dose of iron in then it no longer has to rinse your bank account, as one UK supermarket has got it so cheap it's beating Poundland on price.

Asda steaks are just £2 for 170g of beef steak.

Asda is now offering 170g of beef steak in its Just Essentials range for £2. Yes, you read that right.

In price comparison, that puts the Asda offering at the cheapest available with Poundland offering 200g of rump steak for £2.50. Iceland's 227g rump steak comes in at £3.65, the Co-op sell a 227g rump steak for £4.25 and Tesco's 255g steak is sold for £3.80. Sainsbury's has a 225g rump steak for £3.15 – along with a 'Big Daddy' version for £5.75.

However the steak has had mixed reviews from customers, with some loving the budget meat and others claiming it's "too tough".

One review on the Asda website stated: "Usually these are decent for the price, but this particular time it was vile! Fed 95 percent of it to my cat, it was pure gristle and fat. Ruined the meal i had planned."

Another added: "Stuff as old boots could not chew it. Dog ate will not buy again."

You can't beat a nice rump steak, to be fair.
Westend61 GmbH/Alamy Stock Photo

However some defended the cut price steak, with one reviewer adding: "Absolutely amazing steak for the price!! Not tough at all, no nasty bits, was perfect!"

Another shared: "For the price these steaks are amazing! But they are really small, they cook lovely in the oven with some garlic, onion and pepper. Worth it for the price."

The beef steak comes as part of the Just Essentials range, which has been criticised by customers, with some claiming it's 'embarrassing' for lower income families.

The Just Essentials range was launched to help shoppers afford food as the cost of living crisis worsens, and the range consists of nearly 300 products. The range replaced the previous Smart Price range and now contains 50 percent more low-cost items than Asda had previously.

While the aim of the new range is to help those struggling with rising costs in the UK, some customers have criticised its new bright yellow design, which has replaced Smart Price's plain white packaging.

Some shoppers slated the Asda cut price steaks, whereas others said they were good for the price.

As said by one shopper on Twitter: "Since the cost of living crisis, I've noticed that supermarkets like Asda have changed their home brand packaging into bright yellow.

"It almost feels like Asda is taking the p*ss out of the cost of living crisis as well as us poor people having to buy their bright yellow brand as we can NOT afford to buy better."

Another said: "I can't explain, but Asda's new yellow and white budget branding has really struck a nerve. I hate it so much."

They added: "The way it screams 'inferior product' and that people on lower incomes don't deserve nice design and should have a basket full of poverty markers.

"I'll get over it, but it feels like a big step backwards."

Featured Image Credit: xiu bao/Alamy Stock Photo Facebook/PoundlandDundee

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