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Survey Reveals That Brits Will Drink 7,789 Pints In Their Lifetime

Survey Reveals That Brits Will Drink 7,789 Pints In Their Lifetime

The average Brit makes 6,000 trips to the pub in their lifetime

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A new survey has discovered the average person in the United Kingdom will drink 7,786 pints (4,424 litres) of lager in their lifetime, as well as consuming 5,579 packets of crisps, making 6,000 trips to the pub, and staying until the bell rings on 1,728 occasions.

If you're the sort of person who goes in for a round - and you definitely should be - you'll do that 12,000 times over the course of an ordinary life.


However, 21 percent of people - who are all the worst sort of people - admit that they never get the beers in.

This info was compiled by the Licensed Trade Charity, who asked 1,000 pub goers about their habits.

It's annoying to think that more than one in five of them won't get the pints in when it's their turn, isn't it?

Some other headline stats include the fact that an average drinker will consume 3,372 pints of shandy, 6,131 pints of cider and 6,499 pints of real ale in their lifespan.

Obviously, this all depends on your preference.

Oh, and 3,433 packets of pork scratchings, if that's your thing.


If you like football, you're likely to travel to the pub 2,144 times to watch the game. Rugby accounts for 1,691 visits.

As the pubs opened again last week, the survey provides the perfect time to take stock and have a closer look at some of our habits.

Of those surveyed, they discovered that four out of 10 people were counting down the days until their local boozer could open once again.

More seriously, they also found that two thirds of staff members in the industry had sleepless nights over the future of the industry during the current climate.


Seven out of 10 said their mental health had suffered for the same reasons.

A Licensed Trace Charity spokesperson said: "The research highlights just how important pubs and pub workers are.

"Pubs are truly the heart of the community for so many and have been sorely missed over the past few months.

"As such, it has been an incredibly challenging time for the many pub workers in this country - and we are here to support them."

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