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Tesco Scraps Skimmed Milk And Multi-Pack Offers To Meet Demand During Coronavirus Outbreak

Tesco Scraps Skimmed Milk And Multi-Pack Offers To Meet Demand During Coronavirus Outbreak

The supermarket chain has implemented the temporary measures to ensure customers are getting what they need

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Tesco has temporarily scrapped all skimmed milk from its stores in a bid to streamline products available, to meet customers' demands throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The supermarket chain is also dropping most promotions and multi-pack deals to lower the chances of people unnecessarily panic buying.

People queuing to get into Tesco.

This includes simplifying the range of toilet roll available on shelves to maximise the amount suppliers can produce per day which will, in turn, maximise the amount they can distribute from suppliers to stores.

Another measure being put in place is to temporarily refocus milk production to two and four pints, and focus on meeting demand for semi-skimmed and whole milk.

A Tesco Spokesperson told LADbible: "We are doing everything we can to ensure customers get what they need including setting purchase limits on our products and simplifying our range to get more of the most popular products on shelves.

"This may mean making some choices so customers may notice a slightly reduced range in some areas temporarily as we focus our efforts. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We believe it is important to do whatever we can to make sure everyone has access to the essentials."

Tesco are implementing the measures on a temporary basis.

Over the weekend (21 March) Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary George Eustice reassured Brits that there would be 'no shortage' of food in the UK, meaning that people don't need to bulk buy.

During a televised media briefing, Mr Eustice said: "There is more than enough food to go around and our food supply chain is able to expand production to cope with increased demand.

"In the last week sales of some foods have increased significantly and manufacturers have produced around 50 percent more food than they usually would. There is no shortage of food available and more is arriving at shops every day.

"The challenge that all of our retailers have faced is keeping shelves stocked throughout the day in the face of increased purchasing behaviour."

George Eustice confirmed there would be no shortage of food.

Mr Eustice continued: "We all have a role to play in ensuring that we come through this together, so the government has taken steps to set aside rules restricting deliveries to stores, and relaxed restrictions on driver hours so that more goods can be delivered to every store every day.

"We have also set aside competition laws so that supermarkets can coordinate their efforts locally: sharing staff, sharing delivery vehicles and co-ordinating their store opening times to ensure food reaches every part of the country."

He went on to thank all the staff working in supermarkets up and down the country 'who are doing so much to deliver such a crucial service to us all'.

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