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UK set for scorching temperatures as hottest day of the year due this week

UK set for scorching temperatures as hottest day of the year due this week

The UK has been enjoying some great weather of late, and the Met Office reckons that will continue this week

The UK is set for more great weather this week, with the hottest day of the year predicted by the Met Office.

If you’ve been out and about around Britain and Ireland of late, you’ve probably noticed that there’s this big yellow ball hanging around in the sky compelling you to drink pints of lager.

Don’t be alarmed, it’s just the sun and you might remember that it does occasionally like to put in an appearance at this sort of time of the year.

Unless you’re a farmer, or someone who cares way too much about the moisture levels in your garden, this has probably been a welcome development for you.

Loads of people hit the beach this weekend.
Justin Kase z12z/Alamy Stock Photo

Well, here we are with some good news as the good weather is set to continue through this week, even getting better with the hottest day of the year so far, if the predictions are correct.

The parks and beaches were swamped with people over the weekend, enjoying a bit of clement weather and outdoor recreation time.

The highest temperature in the UK so far this year was actually recorded on Tuesday, with the mercury hitting 25.1C in Porthmadog last Tuesday (30 May).

That’s supposed to keep going, and Stephen Dixon, a meteorologist from the Met Office, said that it’s ‘not beyond the realms of possibility’ that the record might fall again, with Wales and Southern England potentially reaching 27C.

He said: “As we move towards next weekend there’s a signal for temperatures possibly getting towards the mid-20s.”

If you’re in the east, this might not quite apply, as things have been a bit cooler over there, but for western areas, particularly Wales and the south of England, it’ll be more of the same, potentially even warmer.

Fellow Met Office forecaster Rachel Ayers added: “We’d be looking at that [temperatures of around 26C] somewhere in the West, probably similar kind of areas, parts of Wales, maybe South West England.”

Unfortunately – because there always has to be a downside – this does mean that those of us who have been suffering badly with hay fever will continue to suffer.

The warm weather means that both the pollen and UV levels are going to be high.

Only one thing for it in this sort of weather.
Graham Hardy/Alamy Stock Photo

That means pop an antihistamine, make sure you’re covered in suncream – with the right protection level – and you should be OK.

It has been unusually dry around the UK recently, with May only seeing 55 percent of the rainfall that would usually be expected. That means that there’s low humidity at the minute, so mornings and evenings might be a little more chilly.

Still, it’s nice to have a bit of sunshine and warmth, isn’t it?

Just remember that sunscreen, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Graham Hardy/Alamy Stock Photo/Justin Kase z12z/Alamy Stock Photo

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