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Ultra-rare black fox has been rescued after being spotted wandering the UK

Ultra-rare black fox has been rescued after being spotted wandering the UK

The rescuers have named him Shadow and say he's in perfect health.

An ultra rare black fox has been rescued after it was spotted wandering the streets of the UK.

It was first seen in the Vale of Glamorgan in Wales two weeks ago and Black Foxes UK started a huge search for the animal.

People made loads of reports of seeing an abandoned silver fox in Barry and authorities were trying to zero in on its location.

The animal, which isn't native to the UK and is usually bred as a household pet, was eventually found on April 24 in a 'secure facility', according to the BBC.

Black Foxes UK said in a statement on Facebook: "We have received hundreds of calls and messages and attempts to locate the owner were fruitless.

"Due to stretched resources, the RSPCA were limited in their capacity to assist, asking members of the public to only call if the animal was injured.

"They were able to make an attempt to capture the fox several times but they were ultimately unsuccessful."

They added that the captured fox appears to be male and around two years old.

Rescuers have named him Shadow.

He was taken to Vets4Pets for treatment and was found to be in perfectly good health.

"Shadow is very confident around people and was clearly well-socialized prior to his escape. Black Foxes UK have found a secure home for him with Animals Interactive," Black Foxes UK said.

"It is possible there may be a second fox, which is the fox with the injury, but this remains to be made clear. If this injured fox is seen, please contact the RSPCA emergency line on 0300 1234 999 and notify ourselves.

"I would like to thank the Local Authority Animal Warden and Shua Trust Home and Sanctuary, for going above and beyond - for the second time - to help provide emergency assistance to a silver fox in need.

"Despite the hardships of covid and a workload already overflowing, their dedication and support towards local escaped silver foxes has been remarkable.

"The team at Shua is small and their workload is heavy, so if you would like to say thank you to the team for their remarkable compassion and dedication, please consider donating to the organisation and showing your support!"

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Black Foxes UK

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