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Underage student uses Pokémon card as fake ID and passes out after four beers

Underage student uses Pokémon card as fake ID and passes out after four beers

His night took a turn after officers were called to the University of Georgia after he threw up in the hallway.

A college student who used a Pokémon Charizard card as ID to get into bars has been caught red handed after he passed out drunk after consuming four beers.

Times Now reports that the unnamed student from the University of Georgia claimed he used the highly prestigious Pokémon card to enter bars.

It’s unclear how the underage teen used it, but clearly, bouncers were taken aback by the sheer power of the Charizard collectable card.

Seriously, they’re worth some serious coin. A first edition Charizard card is currently being sold for a staggering $620,000 (USD $​​420,796 or £366,516) on eBay.


However, the night took a sour turn for the underage Pokémon master when emergency services were called after he became intoxicated from four entire beers.

Officers arrived at the scene around 1am, where they found the young man sleeping in his dorm on top of another university student.

Police shook the teen a few times before waking, and he appeared completely disorientated. 

The cops asked the man if he had taken any drugs, which he hadn't. There was only alcohol in his system.

After discovering he was under 21, the student told them he had used the collectable card to enter bars.

Emergency Services check over the student; however, however he refused to be transported to the hospital.

While some of you might be shaking your head in disbelief, this isn’t the first time a Charizard card has caused quite the stir.

Earlier this year, a man was left shattered after squandering $13,000 (AUD$ 19,140 or £11,330) on a collectable card, only to have it lost in the mail.

Collector Paul Gallagher from Atlanta reportedly bought the card to sell it; however, after he posted it to a buyer, it got lost while being dispatched.


Speaking to WSB TV, he said: “We’re talking thousands of dollars, that card we’re talking about cost me $13,000 to buy it.”

He added: “Not only did I lose my initial investment, but I lost the money that that customer spent. They refunded him that money.”

He later contacted the United States Postal Service to inform them the card had disappeared. 

He explained: “They didn’t get back with me until March 25 and declared it was missing, and ‘here’s $200 for your $13,000 card and good luck’.”

Apparently, you can’t catch ‘em all.

Featured Image Credit: blackandbrightph / Alamy Stock Photo. Rajiv Dasan / Alamy Stock Photo

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