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Uri Geller shares 'UFO' video claiming aliens are watching us

Uri Geller shares 'UFO' video claiming aliens are watching us

The 'mystifier' is convinced he's captured alien footage on tape

Uri Geller has shared a video that he claims captures real-life 'UFO' footage, alleging that the short clip served as proof for aliens watching us.

The mystifier's clip shows an odd object floating about the sky which he says he's certain is evidence for extra-terrestrial life.

It's since racked up thousands of views. Have a look, but heads up - it's not your typical flying saucer.

The whole alien debate has been around forever with a whole archive of videos claiming to have captured unknown flying objects above the clouds.

Adding to the ever-growing arsenal is the self-proclaimed psychic who is also dubbed 'one of the world’s most investigated mystifiers'.

Uri uploaded the bizarre video to both his Twitter and Instagram accounts yesterday (29 March).

He captioned the clip: "Astronomers spent decades looking for objects from outside our own solar system.

"Then two arrived at once. When should we expect the next one? And what can they teach us?"

The illusionist concluded his big reveal saying 'they' - referring to the aliens - are 'watching to make no [bomb emoji] is triggered'.

Uri also hashtagged 'UFO', 'UFOSightings' and 'UFOTwitter' to really hammer the point.

The 'UFO' in question.

The video has since divided the internet with many believing that the cylindrical object in question was in fact a real UFO.

One Instagram user wrote: "Let’s hope they are protecting us and preventing us from destroying ourselves."

"Anyone who believes we are not alone is foolish," added a second.

A third theorised: "Maybe they also live here within the earth. It impacts them," referring to the fallout of bombs.

"These things are obviously terrestrial," one Twitter user stated, "historically and even in the modern era all evidence points to these things living here amongst us.

"They have always been here."

Others, however, weren't buying the mystifier's conspiracy theory one bit.

"Then why were both Hiroshima and Nagasaki allowed to happen?" another Twitter asked, "on top of the hundreds if not thousands of tests afterwards."

Sceptics pointed to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to disprove Uri's claims.

Uri aptly responded, admitting: "Great question I don’t know."

Another echoed: "But what about Hiroshima and Nagasaki? I'm not so sure about your statement.

"They didn’t intervene there and also not on those many crazy years of testing nukes all over the world. So what makes you so confident about it?"

A third tweeted: "I mean I'm definitely in the it'd be stranger if we were the only ones camp but random things flying around doesn't automatically make me thing of them.

"Not when there’s so much worldwide military activity and spyware," they added.

What do you make of it?

Featured Image Credit: dpa picture alliance / Alamy Stock Photo / Twitter/ @theurigeller

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