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UK suffers ‘knock on effects’ from deadly US bomb cyclone

UK suffers ‘knock on effects’ from deadly US bomb cyclone

The UK is set to face weather disruption as the US continues experiencing the effects of heavy snowfall and blizzards.

The UK is set to experience the ‘knock on effects’ of the deadly US bomb cyclone that has hit parts of the North America.

Harsh icy temperatures along with wet and windy weather will impact Brits in the next few days and although it may sound like out usual weather, there are more than enough reasons to be concerns.

At least 60 people are believed to have died in the United States after catastrophic snowfall and sub-zero weather over the festive period.

Pictures from the US shows communities consumed by heavy snowfall leading to widespread disruption, with thousands of flights cancelled and people being left without electricity.

Snow disruption in Buffalo, New York on Boxing Day.
Zuma Press / Alamy Stock Photo

A bomb cyclone describes a low-pressure system which delivers freezing temperatures, snow and blizzards.

The ‘knock on effects’ from the cyclone impacting the US on the North-Atlantic jet stream means the UK is now likely to face weather disruption albeit on a much smaller scale than those in the US.

A weather warning will come into effect in Scotland from 3am on Friday 30 December for 15 hours which will impact those in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling.

Cars in snow in Lancaster, New York on Christmas Eve.
ZUMA Press, Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo

The Met Office has also said heavy rain could bring flooding and travel disruption as a flood warning in England and Wales remains in place after recent rainfall, but the impact won’t be as big as seen across the pond.

Those of us in the UK will experience unsettled weather with spells of wet and windy conditions for seven to 10 days. This is due to an air current, or jet stream, circling the Earth strengthens due to the arctic blizzards in the US.

"What effect (the bomb cyclone) has had is to strengthen the jet stream because the jet stream is basically driven by temperature differences," Met Office meteorologist Simon Partridge explained.

The UK is set to face heavy rain.
Paul Lilley/Digitalshot / Alamy Stock Phot.

"So the starker the difference in temperature between the northern edge of it and southern edge, the stronger the jet stream becomes."

The weather forecast for today (29 December) will be a ‘cooler feeling day,’ Partridge said, adding: “Still rather windy and with showers.”

Meanwhile, the Friday to Sunday forecast is set to show unsettled weather with rain in southern England and frosts and fog overnight, marking a very cold and grey start to the new year.

"So the general sort of knock-on effect of the weather in the US is that in general the UK is going to be a little bit milder than it would normally be at this time of year,” Partridge added.

Featured Image Credit: @salemalfalahi/Twitter/shutterstock

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