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Group of mates get lifetime bans from five Las Vegas casinos after one hell of a bender

Group of mates get lifetime bans from five Las Vegas casinos after one hell of a bender

They were celebrating a mate's birthday, but left a trail of destruction behind them.

Las Vegas is known as the City of Sin for a very good reason.

There are plenty of vices to indulge in during a cheeky visit and a group of men celebrating their mate's birthday certainly ripped in during their trip.

Australian YouTube group bread gang surprised Cam by flying from the UK to Vegas.

They stayed in a beautiful hotel penthouse that had a stunning view of the city.

However, they became absolute menaces and didn't waste any time.

Their recent video shows them partying in the street, at a pool, carrying on in hotel lobbies, being spoken to by security and being wheeled around looking very worse for wear.

According to them, they not only got kicked out of a casino, but they received a lifetime ban.

But this didn't just happen in one venue.

They apparently got booted from five casinos for the rest of their days.

One of their mates got held up at gun point and was robbed for $2,500.

Two others spent more than a day in jail, however they didn't open up on what the arrests were for.

They spent an extra few days in Vegas as they waited for the lads to get out of prison and then they tried to recoup some of their losses.

One of them managed to make $1,000 on Blackjack, which gave them a wild idea.

They said they would go to the MGM Grand (one of the places that hadn't banned them) and decided to do double or nothing for their flights and hotel.

YouTube/bread gang

If they won, they would head to Canada to keep the good times rolling and if they lost then they would fly to Germany.

To be honest, it sounds like a win-win situation.

Incredibly, they won the round.

"That's how you get a free trip to Vegas, boys," they said to the camera. "We just had another free week in Vegas, return flights, hotel...after the week we just had, holy s**t."

People who watched the video on YouTube were blown away by the antics they got up to.

One said: "Boys made The Hangover look like child’s play. What a rip, love you boys."

Another added: "Smashed it is an understatement !!! Fair play BG."

A third wrote: "THIS IS INSANE."

Who knows what outrageous adventure they will go on next.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/bread gang

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