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Five Guys has a 'secret menu' with a different way of selling fries

Five Guys has a 'secret menu' with a different way of selling fries

Fans of the fast food joint are advised to order their fries 'well done' - and here is the reason why.

Five Guys has a secret menu ‘hack’ that lets you change up your fries - perfect for those who are into a little extra crunch.

With over 1400 Five Guys restaurants in the United States and just shy of 165 in the UK, the restaurant has come a long way since it was founded 37 years ago.

Jerry and Janie Murrell started the fast-food restaurant in 1986 and named it in honour of their sons Jim, Matt, Chad and Ben.

Two years later, their fifth son, Tyler, was born, and amazingly all ‘five guys’ remain involved in the business to this day.

While many rave about the eatery for its freestyle Coca-Cola machines and endless burger combinations, others head to the chain simply for the fries.

Fans of the restaurant will already be aware that the boardwalk-style fries are cut fresh and cooked twice in peanut oil. But did you know there is a secret hack to make these even better?

If you ask for Five Guys fries 'well done' then you will be in for a treat.

As reported by Delish in 2018, if you ask Five Guys employees for the Idaho spuds ‘well done’ you will receive crunchier fries than usual.

These are essentially chips that are fried for a longer time and thus pack more of a bite.

This hack also has garnered some fans over the last few years, with one taking to Twitter to write: “If you go to Five Guys and ask for well-done fries, they are so much better.”

Another said via the platform: “Five Guys fries are best ordered well done.”

A third went a little further and stated: “Five guys fries well done with extra Cajun are unbeatable.”

However, these social media users aren’t the only fans of the fast food joint, as Tommy Fury has recently revealed his mammoth order at the restaurant.

Last month, the 24-year-old boxer posted a video to his 71,200 YouTube followers titled: ‘48 Hours In Milan Pt 2 | 10,000 Calories Post Diesel Shoot’.

In the 16-minute-long video, Fury heads to Five Guys in Milan to fuel up after shooting with fashion brand, Diesel.

While in the venue, he heads to the cashier and places a huge order that features two burgers and two milkshakes.

Tommy Fury isn't afraid of ordering big at Five Guys.
Tommy Fury YouTube

In total, his fast food purchase consists of: a cheeseburger with ketchup, mayo and grilled mushrooms and a second cheeseburger with ketchup, mayo and lettuce.

To wash them down, Fury then orders a large Coke, a mixed salted caramel and Reese's milkshake and a second milkshake with Lotus biscoff spread and vanilla.

In the comments of the video, fans were going wild about how much food Fury ordered and consumed.

One wrote: “My stomach was feeling that as well lol…well done.”

A second said, “That’s a €100 (EUR) Five Guys order,” followed by a laughing emoji.

Another joked: “Can you do a cooking video to beat the mayo and ketchup on bread allegations.”

Featured Image Credit: Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images Five Guys

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