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Groom leaves wedding guests in disbelief as he uses his own explicit vows

Groom leaves wedding guests in disbelief as he uses his own explicit vows

Footage of bride Kaitlin Brooks and groom Cody Sheehan exchanging vows has gone viral.

Declaring your love to your better half at the altar in front of all your friends and family can leave some people pretty flustered, especially if they decided to wing their vows.

But this bloke really took the biscuit while making a lifelong commitment to his Mrs off the cuff.

Just take a look at the clip here:

Bride Kaitlin Brooks and groom Cody Sheehan have sparked the mother of all wedding debates after footage of their eyebrow raising vows went viral.

Videographer Samuel Foree shared the clip to his Instagram page, @ckentertainmentservices, alongside the caption: "FELLAS, this is your sign to go write those vows… now."

But not everyone is so supportive of Cody's explicit vows as the Kentucky-based cameraman.

The video picks up just after Kaitlin shared her declaration of love, which for the record was very touching and serious indeed - discussing the 'indescribable bond' they share and how she has 'fell in love with him over and over again'.

The groom had a tough act to follow and even their officiant said he would 'hate' to try and beat the bar his bride set.

But Cody seemed pretty confident he had it in the bag as he geared up to say his vows.

Sporting a huge grin, he said: "I promise to smack that... every chance I get. Booah."

“That’s all I got,” he added before laughing to himself.

Kaitlin Brooks and Cody Sheehan's wedding has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

As you can imagine, the rows of guests were quite shocked that the bloke had brazenly lowered the tone of his own wedding, especially after his new wife had just poured her heart out.

Someone can even be heard disappointedly saying: "Come on, Cody."

The stunned officiant says: "Is that it? Are you sure? That's what you're going out with?"

The newlywed replies: "I didn’t write nothing down. That’s what I’m going with. We’ve made it this long!"

Although I'm sure his comment is grounds for divorce, Kaitlin seemed to laugh it off while the officiant then quickly moved along, saying: "After that... touching... exchange."

Videographer Samuel described the pair's day as the 'most interesting wedding we've ever filmed to date' and said it was 'certainly one for the books'.

The short clip he shared of their vows has proved the pivotal point of interest for social media users - who slammed Cody for his 'embarrassing' words to his new wife.

The officiant even tried to encourage the groom to reconsider his explicit vows.

One said: "Jesus. How sad for this woman and her family that this is what he says about her. He thinks he’s so funny that he didn’t write any vows but that."

Another fumed: "Imagine your dream day and your dream man says this… gross."

A third added: "Can you get divorced during a wedding service? Asking for this lady?"

A fourth wrote: "She is way way waayyyyy too beautiful in that dress in that perfect golden lighting for him to be talking to her like that."

Kaitlin leapt to her hubby's defence online after seeing the backlash he has received, explained they share two kids together and have been in a relationship for 10 years.

She explained in the comment section of a TikTok video: "No worry guys! I’m the wife of this lovely man. We aren’t a very serious couple. He also put the ring on my wrong hand.

"He doesn’t do public speaking and my officiant knew that and still was trying to get him to say something. He’s a very loved and amazing man. It was funny!! The whole wedding was funny."

I guess love is blind and deaf, huh?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ckentertainment

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