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Parents demand answers after student with horrific injuries found 'not breathing' for 23 minutes

Parents demand answers after student with horrific injuries found 'not breathing' for 23 minutes

It’s thought no one knows what happened to her

The parents of a student at Asbury University, Kentucky, are demanding answers after their daughter was found unresponsive in her dorm room with brutal injuries.

On 27 November 2023, Isabella Willingham, 21, was found by her roommate with deep lacerations and bruising. Her legs were incredibly swollen and covered in deep wounds, and her acrylic nails had been ripped off.

According to paramedics, Isabella stopped breathing on her own for 23 minutes, but her severe injuries were their primary concern.

She was rushed to the University of Kentucky Hospital where she was placed in intensive care.

In November of last year, 21-year-old Isabella Willingham was found unresponsive and with severe injuries.
Facebook/Andy Willingham

Isabella's parents hadn't heard from her for hours after she returned to college following Thanksgiving celebrations when they received a phone call from her resident dorm director.

Andy Willingham, Isabella's father, told Lex18: "At 11 that night, we get a call from the resident director of her dorm, and she tells us that Bella is in an ambulance on her way to the emergency room, that she had been found unresponsive on the floor of her room by her roommate."

Following the incident, Asbury University told the outlet that staff were aware of the situation but did not believe there was an immediate threat to campus.

The Jessamine County Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation into what had happened to Isabella.

Isabella had swelling and deep lacerations on her legs and was unable to breathe unassisted for 23 minutes.

However, her father wasn't satisfied by either's response.

"As a parent, I want to know if there’s a possibility of someone coming into the school or campus being potentially dangerous," he said.

Andy also pushed back on the fact that police allegedly said his daughter’s injuries were likely caused by falling out of her bunk bed.

"There’s no way these could’ve been caused by anything other than someone doing something to her," he told Lex18.

Months later, her father Andy is demanding answers after being left unsatisfied by her school and local authorities' response.

Months later, the Willingham family still don't have answers about what happened to Isabella that night.

"I contacted [the school] and said 'this is not okay, you have to give a detail so if someone knows something, they’ll come forward,' and the school’s response to me was that they felt like they had done everything they could do," he said.

A spokesperson for Asbury University said that they are working with the police in an ongoing investigation to determine what happened.

"We are unable to provide any updates or specific information at this time. Asbury’s priority remains the safety and well-being of its students, faculty, and staff," they said.

LADbible Group has contacted Asbury University for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Andy Willingham

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