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Lily Allen has launched an OnlyFans account after huge demand

Lily Allen has launched an OnlyFans account after huge demand

The 'Hard Out Here' singer seems to be doing a side hustle

Lily Allen has launched an OnlyFans account after there being such huge demand.

Yep, the grind clearly never stops for the ‘Hard Out Here’ singer who, as well as making music and hosting a podcast, is now selling exclusive content on the platform.

Turns out Allen has a very specific section of fans who all want one specific thing from her. And what is it that’s making them ‘Smile’?

Five star feet on her, apparently. (Sean Zanni/WireImage)
Five star feet on her, apparently. (Sean Zanni/WireImage)

Snaps of the 39-year-old’s feet, apparently.

On that said podcast with bestie Miquita Oliver, Miss Me?, the singer explained her trotters actually have celebrity status themselves.

Allen said that the lady who comes to do her nails informed her that she has ‘five stars on wikiFeet’.

“Which is quite rare,” the ‘Not Fair’ singer added. “But yes, my feet are rated quite highly on the internet.”

In case you’re not into that kind of thing, or just haven’t heard of it before, wikiFeet is basically a site absolutely filled with snaps of celebrities’ feet. Users are able to add new snaps, rate them and there’s even ‘feet of the year’ and ‘feet of the week’ categories.

Apparently, Allen’s nail woman said that she could ‘make a lot of money from selling foot content on OnlyFans’.

Oliver asked if her mate would leave the podcast to sell feet snaps on the platform instead, which was an easy ‘yeah’ in response.

At least she's embracing it. (Instagram / @lilyallen)
At least she's embracing it. (Instagram / @lilyallen)

And, it seems like the singer has followed through, as she seemed to set up an account with the title ‘Lily Allen FTSE500’.

She took to Instagram Stories with the news, using a slightly covered up picture of her toes.

“She’s done it!” Allen wrote, “What is this going to do to my algorithm?”

Aware of how random this might look, she added: “If you don’t listen to #missme podcast on @bbcsounds... this whole post is going to look very strange.”

Apparently the singer had already added a handful of exclusive snaps of her feet to OnlyFans for her subscribers to access – charging just £8 a month for the honour.

It’s unclear at the moment if she’s doing this little side hustle for charity or for her own benefit but I guess if there’s an opportunity there, it’s got to be taken.

The snaps have simple captions like ‘summer pedicure’ and ‘sole trader’ but despite it not being clear how many people have subscribed, she’s racked up over 200 likes.

Well, ‘Who’d Have Known’.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @lilyallen

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