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Man gets down on one knee as sky plunges into darkness during Niagara Falls solar eclipse

Man gets down on one knee as sky plunges into darkness during Niagara Falls solar eclipse

Monday's first solar eclipse visible from the US since 2017 was the perfect time for a marriage proposal

Sorry lads, the bar has been raised.

Just when you thought marriage proposals were getting boring, one man decided to think outside of the box, dropping down on one knee during a total solar eclipse.

Although the standard s*** weather prevented the UK from witnessing the highly-anticipated partial solar eclipse, millions in North America watched on last night (8 April) as the moon entirely covered the sun’s disk for over four minutes in some areas.

Around 44 million Americas saw a total eclipse, while hundreds of millions were close enough to witness most of the sun being obscured.

The view in Ontario.

Professor Don Pollacco, of the department of physics at the University of Warwick, saw the total eclipse in Texas, calling it 'unbelievable'.

“The partial eclipses are really boring,” he said.

“The light takes on this really eerie quality, kind of a silveriness that’s really hard to explain and doesn’t come over on camera.”

Although the cloudy skies let us down, as per, it seems one American decided to make the most out of the special event.

As reported by CBC Vancouver, hundreds of thousands of people were at Niagara Falls, Canada to witness the Total eclipse.

News reporter Haydn Watters was covering the rare event, as the sky plunged into darkness.

Sorry lads, the bar has been raised.

CBC were filming the whole thing and as soon as it got light again, the cameras picked up a brave man who dropped down on one knee to ask the all important question.

While the rest of the crowd were still fixated on the eclipse, the couple looked to be sharing the heartwarming moment together.

I mean it looks like she said 'yes'.


Now, as our US counterparts looked to be having a whale of a time, many Brits took to social media to vent their frustrations about how the weather, yet again, let us down.

Taking to X, one person tweeted: "The sucky thing is, I live where there'd actually be the most coverage of the eclipse in the whole UK, and its cloudy lmao"

Another wrote: "Glad that the total eclipse wasn't over the UK (again) cos this weather is GRIM."

A third joked: "I FINALLY get to see a Solar Eclipse!...

"It's the cloudiest day I've ever seen in the UK".

But it gets worse, because the next visible total solar eclipse in the UK will be in 2090.

So, yeah, do with that what you will.

Featured Image Credit: CBC

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