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Man explains how he managed to save his own life when fighting off shark in 'traumatic' attack

Man explains how he managed to save his own life when fighting off shark in 'traumatic' attack

Caleb Adams was attacked by a shark while swimming off the coast of San Diego

A swimmer has explained how he managed to save his own life after being savagely attacked by a shark.

Caleb Adams had been swimming off the coast of San Diego, California on 2 June alongside an open water swimming group when he was targeted by the predator.

Recalling the experience in an interview with NBC News, the 46-year-old explained that he had felt 'a strong hit on the side' of his body, which he immediately knew was a shark.

Watch Adams recount his experience in the clip below:

"I knew I had been hit by a shark. I tussled with the animal for what was seconds," he explained.

Adams then revealed that he managed to safe himself by punching the animal multiple times, continuing: "The second time I struck the animal and I felt a softer tissue. I am going to speculate that that was inside the shark’s mouth. And I had several cuts on my hand and wrist."

After fending off the animal, Adams was able to alert fellow swimmers in the group to his distress, calling out for help.

Adams' swimming partner Kevin Barrett was able to come to his help, who made it over to him after the shark had left the scene.

After dragging Adams out of the water, he was able to receive treatment for his injuries, which included multiple huge gashes across his torso and cuts to his hand.

Caleb Adams was hospitalised days. (NBC)
Caleb Adams was hospitalised days. (NBC)

Barrett explained that 'blood was just pouring out of his chest' on the shore, adding: "We could really see the traumatic extent of his injuries and it was not pretty."

A lifeguard also helped Adams after he was brought ashore, holding his chin up and instructing him not to look at his wounds.

He was later taken to hospital for treatment and the beach was temporarily closed to the public.

Adams would subsequently spend two days in hospital recovering from his injuries.

Del Mar beach, the stretch of coastline which Adams had been swimming on is a known habitat for sharks, with 60 sharks being reported in the area since 2020.

He suffered injuries to his chest and hand. (NBC)
He suffered injuries to his chest and hand. (NBC)

However, shark attacks at Del Mar beach are rare.

Prior to Adams' attack, the last person to have been attacked by a shark was in 2022. The last fatal attack was in 2008.

After being discharged from hospital, Adams later returned to the beach with his wife, calling it an 'emotional' experience.

"I have a beautiful community to lean on and I’m very thankful," he added.

Featured Image Credit: NBC

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