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Eerie footage of UFO 'splitting in two' before mysteriously vanishing resurfaces

Eerie footage of UFO 'splitting in two' before mysteriously vanishing resurfaces

The video was shot in 2004

A video has resurfaced of mysterious lights in the sky, which many believe to have been extraterrestrial visitors to Earth.

Way back in the late 1990s, or 1997 to be precise, there were a series of strange sightings in the night sky. This was stretched between Tucson, Arizona, and just past Phoenix, close to the border with Nevada some 300 miles south.

All manner of strange things were reported at the time, including claims of strange formations of lights in the sky. There were even claims of a v-shaped UFO passing overhead. Scary stuff.

A video has resurfaced from a later round of the so-called 'Phoenix Lights', not to be confused with the much-loved Peter Kay comedy set in Bolton.

Many lights were seen in the sky.

The clip appears to show a UFO splitting into two, with the light dividing and going off in separate directions. The image, of course, is extremely hazy as these videos always seem to be.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube, and explained by YouTuber ChaosMoogle.

He said: "This is not an infrared video — it is just a regular video, so we're seeing it how it would be seen with the naked eye."

An official explanation was in fact given for the sightings of lights in the sky around Phoenix. Local air force bases announced that they had been conducting routine training operations, and that the lights seen in the sky belonged to their aircraft.

But, of course, some people did not buy this explanation and firmly believed that there was something being covered up, and that something was an alien presence in the sky over Nevada.

And then there were two!
Youtube/ ChaosMoogle

The suspicion around aliens became more pronounced following a congressional hearing this year, which once again opened up the question of whether there have been aliens visiting Earth.

One question which always provokes questions is looking at a map that shows reports of sightings of aliens, the vast majority - nearly all of them in fact - are in the USA.

Aliens must love the USA.

Former intelligence officer Major David Grusch made a surprising testimony in front of Congress where he claimed that U.S. officials had discovered crashed alien spacecraft. Moreover, he claimed that the craft had indeed contained 'non-human' remains.

The Pentagon has, of course, denied the claim.

Meanwhile, the reaction to the apparent announcement from many Americans was one of indiffernece. Many videos being posted showing off a collective shrug as many Americans struggle to get by amid rising fuel prices, health insurance, and living costs.

So much so it's become a joke online, that aliens arrive and say that they have taken over our government and done away with our rulers.

And humanity's reaction? 'Oh thank god'.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/ ChaosMoogle

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