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People can't understand 'glitch in the matrix' after video shows sky 'turning off'

People can't understand 'glitch in the matrix' after video shows sky 'turning off'

Citizens in Pennsylvania were left baffled by the phenomena

It's been just over a month since citizens of a small town in Pennsylvania were hit with a terrifying incident which left some fearing the end of the world was nigh.

On December 27, residents of Allenstown stood on the streets outside their houses when the usually blue sky above them began ferociously flashing. You can see it here:

In footage caught by several witnesses, the sky changes from bright blue to purple, white, grey, orange, red, and charcoal within seconds.

One man, known by the TikTok handle @djcrx11, caught in the thick of it posted a recording to the platform, comparing his clip to a scene from Netflix's top-rated thriller Leave The World Behind.

"Watch until the end", he warned his social media followers, panning across the sky to show it flashing many different colours before the entire space above him turns black.

Whilst the now-viral online footage blew away some viewers, others took the opportunity to crack a joke about the sky appearing to 'turn off'.

The sky flashed several different colours.

"Someone messing with the brightness setting," one jibed.

Another teased: "Not them turning off the sky," before a third joked that the Earth was 'overdue' on its electric bill.

A fourth wrote: "The first time I saw this happen, I thought it was War of the Worlds."

However, many suggested that there was something strange afoot - a 'glitch in the Matrix'.

"We having a glitch in the system guys." someone wrote.

"GLITCH IN THE MATRIX." another exclaimed.

So what caused it?

Well, fear not, Doomsday dreaders; as it turns out, there was quite a simple explanation for what exactly happened.

The sky cuts to black.

According to officials, the colour-changing sky resulted from a fire at a nearby substation, which was quickly put out.

Writing on Facebook, the City of Allenstown said: "Earlier this evening, a PPL transformer at 13th and Washington Streets blew, causing several power outages in the city, including street lights and traffic lights in center city and the west end.

"Our Traffic Department is doing its best to get as many temporary stop signs up as possible.

"If you get to an intersection and a traffic light isn't working, it should be treated as though it is a 4-way stop sign.

"Please be safe driving through the City tonight."

The power outage left thousands without power, which was restored around 6.16pm, according to PPL.

It was revealed that the shortage was caused by a exploding transformer.

It turns out, however, that strange happenings above us aren't limited to the States - those ours look a bit more gruesome.

This week, weather experts have warned Brits about the risk of 'blood rain' in the coming weeks.

The dreaded Saharan dust swooped in this weekend, temporarily staining hundreds of UK motors with thick, reddish-brown particles - with meteorologists believing that we could endure further falling red droplets.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@djcrx11

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