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Your Dream Trip to Australia Has Never Been Easier Thanks to USIT’s Work Australia Programme

Your Dream Trip to Australia Has Never Been Easier Thanks to USIT’s Work Australia Programme

USIT offer a 7-day turnaround and €100 off any Work Australia programme

What will you be doing next week? It may be hard to imagine but thanks to USIT’s Work Australia programme and their rapid 7-day processing of working holiday visas*, you could be chilling out on Bondi Beach or at Byron Bay in no time!

It’s no surprise that all our friends are flocking to Australia these days with its amazing weather, loads of employment to be found and that Aussie lifestyle you just can’t beat. Now it’s easier than ever to make the trip with USIT taking care of all the essentials and then some.

What’s more? To celebrate the launch of the Work Australia programme, USIT is offering €100 off any Work Australia programme. With the great offer, a quick 7-day turnaround of applications* and all the benefits they provide, USIT are the only way to go if you want to finally bite the bullet and make that trip of a lifetime down under.

They take the hassle out of the entire thing and make sure you get the most out of your trip to Australia. Their Work Australia programmes include everything you need from 12 months of backpacker insurance to an Aussie bank account & tax file number. Also, there are so many added extras such as a choice of hostel nights, job support and social events to find your feet, find a job and find a place.

USIT, Tourism Australia
USIT, Tourism Australia

USIT are the go-to company when it comes to Australian working holiday visas. They have been helping young Irish people travelling the world for years with tonnes of experience and expertise to ensure the trip of a lifetime goes smoothly and that the overall adventure is as good as you dreamt it to be!

We’ve all been there, imagining ourselves chilling on the sandy Australian beaches, going surfing or hiking and having a blast with the friendly locals and tourists alike. With the high cost of living and dreadful weather, it is no surprise that so many young Irish people are considering getting out on working visas.

It is also no surprise that so many choose Australia as their go-to destination. Now, USIT has made fulfilling that dream easier than ever with quick processing times and a generous €100 off for any Work Australia programme.

Also, to get you set up as smoothly as possible, USIT offers so much help and information for getting employment which is in high demand. Sectors like hospitality, construction and retail are all on the lookout for workers in the major cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Cairns etc.

It’s not all work, however. There is just so much to do and see in Australia that you will never get bored. From hiking, surfing and quad biking to exploring the great barrier reef and swimming with sharks, there is something for everyone.

USIT, Tourism Australia
USIT, Tourism Australia

Turning that dream into a reality has never been easier thanks to the Work Australia programme. To celebrate this amazing offer, we’re partnering with USIT to give one lucky person a FREE one year Working Holiday Visa, one year insurance, three nights hostel in Sydney or Melbourne, €500 flights voucher and much, much more in the ultimate package deal to get your adventure down under off to a flying start. To enter simply follow the instructions on this post.

From those looking to explore new places, to backpackers heading to the best places to travel or those who want to go to work in the sun and kick out with beers and a barbeque on the beach afterwards, there is something for everyone to be found in the Work Australia programme.

So, what are you waiting for? The trip of a lifetime has never been so easy! To find out how you can avail of this incredible offer and start your Australian adventure visit the USIT website or follow them on their socials @usittravel

*T&Cs apply see here for details.

Featured Image Credit: USIT, Tourism Australia

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