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'V' Marking Now Spotted On Russian War Vehicles

'V' Marking Now Spotted On Russian War Vehicles

Last week, the letter Z was seen on the side of Russian vehicles

After Russian tanks were spotted with a mysterious 'Z' symbol last week, the letter V has now been seen on the side of a Russian helicopter. 

In a clip shared by Belarusian journalist Tadeusz Giczan, a downed helicopter can be seen in a field - as the camera gets closer to the destroyed chopper, a large 'V' can be seen painted on the side. 

Although the clip is yet to be verified, Giczan claimed one of the pilots of the helicopter was captured and ‘taken prisoner’. 

Sharing the clip, he said: "Russian Ka-52 shot down in Hostomel from up close. You can clearly see the 'Belarusian' V marking. One of the pilots has been taken prisoner."

Responding to the clip, someone has claimed that the 'V' is a marker to show a Russian vehicle has come from Belarus. 

Another example of what appears to be a medical vehicle has also been shared online. 

Last week, videos and images of Russian tanks, supply vehicles and rocket launchers were shared on social media, with many clips showing a ‘Z’ inside a large square marked on the vehicles. 

Investigative journalist Aric Toler was among the first to report on the phenomenon, as he took to Twitter to say his agency had ‘been monitoring this stuff non-stop for eight years’ but had not yet seen a symbol like this. 

"So, assume the worst, I guess/fear," he added on Twitter. 

The images, many of which were shared prior to the Russian invasion, prompted speculation from experts. 

A military source based in Kyiv told The Sun: "It would suggest final preparations are complete. 

“It’s vital that any attacking force can be distinguished, particularly from the air where Russian forces will have complete control. 

"The Ukrainians have very similar tanks and vehicles and will want to reduce the risk of friendly fire." 

However, David Kime, a former soldier, police officer and field intelligence officer was supposedly told by mercenaries from a Russian paramilitary organisation that the ‘Z’ stands for ‘Zelenskyy’ - the name of the current President of Ukraine. 

Zelenskyy is currently in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, where he says he will remain to help defend his country.

He was urged to leave by the US government, but turned down the offer of being evacuated – with the unnamed official quoting the president as saying: “The fight is here; I need ammunition, not a ride."

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Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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