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Footage of man getting stuck in a water slide will unlock your biggest fears

Footage of man getting stuck in a water slide will unlock your biggest fears

It's enough to make you never want to visit a waterpark again

Water parks are one of those places that, no matter now old you get, you turn into a big kid again.

There's just something nostalgic about sliding down slaloms of plastic tubing into a plunge pool of water, gasping for breath as you cough up the mouthful of chlorinated water you just swallowed.

You catch your breath, pick up your rubber ring and go again.

One man was enjoying the thrill of the ride before his journey came to a stop.

Water parks are designed to be fun, right? Surely you can't be unhappy on a water slide? 'Show us one person who's not had a good time' you're asking.

Well, we think we might have found just the person, and the footage of them getting stuck half way down the water ride has gone viral.

The video, shared by @jamii.talib on TikTok, has received over 40 million views.

The clip shows a man in a wetsuit being shot down a super fast water slide. He seems to be enjoying it at first, but around eight seconds in things take a turn for the worst.

The man suddenly slows down but manages to gain momentum again for a few seconds before going back the way he came and coming to a complete stop in the middle of the tube.

Clearly panicked, the man uses the small amount of space he has to move around and yell for help.

The man started to panic once he realised he was stuck.

Luckily, the ride attendant is on hand to help him out of a small trap door on the side of the slide, designed for emergencies like these.

It's not clear where this clip was filmed but the good news is the man escape uninjured.

Nonetheless it still struck fear into those who watched it, with viewers flooding to the comments to share their horror.

One said: "Got multiple panic attacks while watching this."

While another added: "That’s got to be one of the most terrifying things I’ve seen."

But surely things like this a one off, right?


One user took to the comments to share their own horrific story of getting trapped on a water slide.

They wrote: "This happened to me once. Hit my head, got stuck and then went back down head first on my back. One of the worst experiences of my life."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @jamii.talib

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