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Boss Slams Employee For Not Turning Up To Work Because Girlfriend Didn't Wash His Socks

Boss Slams Employee For Not Turning Up To Work Because Girlfriend Didn't Wash His Socks

Ken Moore was speechless after his employee claimed he couldn't make it into work

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A boss has slammed his employee for refusing to come into work because his girlfriend hadn't washed his socks.

Yep, the gaffer, from Bristol, was lost for words when an unnamed scaffolder contacted him to say that he just couldn't make it in.

So shocked was he by the cheek of his employee that he took a screenshot of the conversation and shared it to his social media.

In the message, the member of staff said that his partner hadn't "washed f*** all" so he just couldn't get to work that day.

He said: "I can't come in I can't find any f****** socks she ain't washed f*** all so ain't got nuffin and can't where none because boots got big holes in ffs soz buddy van keys in that box in shelter again."

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Understandably unimpressed by his employee's excuse, the boss sent a fairly stern reply.

He said: "You having a f****** laugh.

"Got no socks what the f***. Okay see you tomorrow. But if that was someone else I would not have them back in."

And it seems as though plenty of people were in agreement with him.

Commenting on the post, one user asked: "Can't you buy some socks on your way to work?"

Another chimed in with: "Would you not just wear dirty socks? Backpackers wear them for six months at a time. What a p***."

"Why not just say you will lend him a pair. See what his excuse is then," put a third.

Someone else also said that someone they knew told their boss that they couldn't come in because they didn't have any sandwiches for lunch.

And others commented that they felt the boss should have really put his foot down.

One wrote: "Where] the f*** in the excuse book did he find that one. Original to say the least."

While another added: "And I thought I had heard them all.

"Used to work with a lad always made it in but was always 20-30 mins late different excuse everyday. Comical after a bit."

A third claimed that the scaffolder clearly had had a big night, joking: "Legit excuse for when you haven't slept a wink and there's just no way you're facing the world."

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