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American Asks Why British Homes Have 'Tiny Doors That Open Onto Dangerous Sidewalks'

American Asks Why British Homes Have 'Tiny Doors That Open Onto Dangerous Sidewalks'

The viral TIkTok has garnered quite a response from both Brits and Americans who have started a war in the comments

Another day, another confused American in Britain. 

And this time around, a viral video posted by TikTok user @swfinds questions why British homes have ‘tiny doors that open onto dangerous sidewalks’. Check out the clip below:

The bizarre video poses a lot to unpack: Do Brits have smaller doors than Americans? Are pavements considered dangerous in America? Why do they call them sidewalks? 

Many British TikTokers were surprised by the question, as the video features a pretty bog-standard row of terraced houses that could belong anywhere.

Evidently feeling patriotic, a bunch of Brits took to the comments to bash the American native for asking such a silly question. 

One said: “Dangerous sidewalk? Dude! Most US schools are more dangerous than that sidewalk.” 

Another replied: “Please explain why a pavement is dangerous.” 


A third joked: “1. They open inwards 2. The pavement isn’t that dangerous 3. It’s a pavement.” 

Many Brits were also eager to point out the majority of our homes were built before the United States was even found. 

However, it didn’t take long before American commenters started hitting back at the Brits. 

One user wrote: “Y’all are really mad in these comments. It seemed like a genuine question.” 

A second person said: “When you ask a simple question and they act like you declared war," while another added: “Every day I think God I’m not British.” 


It appears the confusion lies in our lack of front gardens, or 'yards' as Americans refer to them, as many commenters pointed out the sheer lack of space we Brits appear to have.

@swfinds, who appears to now be living in the U.K, regularly posts videos of weird things they encounter in their new homeland, with their bio reading: "So many things in the UK confuse me!". 

Having garnered 31,000 followers and 2.4 million likes, it seems many others are enjoying their light-hearted clips.

In good humour, another video states: “Can someone please tell me why almost all homes in the UK have these solar panels when there is never any sun?” 

A further video asks why Brits ‘put cigarettes in trash cans’, claiming ‘it’s so dangerous’. 

Nevertheless, the stream of simple questions has resulted in many commenters claiming the account is in fact satire, probably made to rile up patriotic Brits and Americans. 

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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