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Videos Show Crowded 4th of July Parties Despite Coronavirus Warnings

Videos Show Crowded 4th of July Parties Despite Coronavirus Warnings

A video has gone viral showing people at a beach party appearing to be ignoring social distancing measures as they celebrate Independence Day in the US:

This video, which was taken at Michigan's Diamond Lake, showed party-goers dancing and jumping in big crowds without wearing face masks.

Despite thousands of official public events being cancelled, people decided to still celebrate the American public holiday, which marks Independence Day, seeming to ignore warnings against mass gatherings.


One person said that he parties were a 'recipe for disaster' with another writing: "People obviously aren't wise enough to protect themselves and that puts others at risk.The stay home order needs to be back in effect. This is frightening."

Someone else added: "The young have underlying conditions, some don't even know they have these conditions. They will go to work or school, infect others & those people will be in contact with the vulnerable."

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Medical experts have urged people in America to take care as the holiday could create infection 'superspreader' events.


During a briefing by the Infectious Diseases Society of America, Joshua Barocas, an infectious disease physician at Boston Medical Center, said: "It's set up a perfect storm. The combination of travel, the combination of reopening - perhaps in some cases too early - and the combination of people not necessarily following some of these preventive guidelines."

According to The Guardian, the US recorded 52,000 new cases on Wednesday (1 July) which was an all time high for America throughout the pandemic.

In Austin, Texas, people were warned in the form of an emergency alert to their phone, which urged them to celebrate Independence Day responsibly.

It read: "Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Austin-Travis county. Stay home. Avoid non-household gatherings. Keep six feet apart from there. Wear a face covering. Wash your hands frequently."

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