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People Are Confused By Gucci's New Sunglasses Design

People Are Confused By Gucci's New Sunglasses Design

Would you rock a pair of these?

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Gucci's new 'inverted' sunglasses design has come in for some stick, with people saying the unusual specs have left them feeling 'uncomfortable'.

For reasons best known to the designers, the 'inverted cats eye sunglasses' are made to look as though they're upside down - that's fashion for you, eh?


The designer shades cost a whopping £470 but they do come with free delivery, so that's something.

Here's how the Italian fashion house describes the sunnies: "An unconventional take on the '50s and '60s inspired cat eye frames, these sunglasses are presented with an inverted design that created an 'upside down' effect.

"The frames and temples are created using multiple layers of black and white acetate. Enamelled floral details and a petite 'Gucci' logo further enrich the design."

Sharing a shot of the glasses on Twitter, writer Porochista Khakpour asked: "Gucci, why are we doing this?"

And the post quickly went viral, racking up more than 130,000 likes and 12,000 retweets - there were also plenty of comments from people who were equally taken aback by the sunglasses.

One person wrote: "Looking at this make me so uncomfortable."

While another joked: "These designers are quarantined and going mad."

There were also plenty of people making comparisons to snooker legend Dennis Taylor, who was known for his specially designed 'upside down' glasses.

Same vibe.

"Time to bring back the Dennis Taylor look for men..." wrote one Twitter user.

Another said: "Inspired by Dennis Taylor."

Even Specsavers got involved, at first responding to the original tweet to say: "Hopefully this doesn't catch on. It'll cost millions turning our stores upside down."

Before later posting its own tweet:

And then carrying out a bit of Photoshopping to 'fix' them:


This isn't the first off-the-wall design to get mocked this week.

Posties had a good laugh, after spotting fancy designer jackets made from old Royal Mail sacks.

The unusual garments are part of Selfridges' 'The Power of the Post' collaboration with Royal Mail, and the jackets are priced at a whopping £445.

Shots of the jackets made their way into a postal workers' Facebook group and a pile-on soon ensued.

Deadline News

Commenting on the photos, one person said: "Seriously? Who would wear this."

Another added: "Ffs I've seen it all now."

I don't know - I reckon it'd look lovely with a pair of upside down sunglasses.

Featured Image Credit: Gucci

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