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Far-Right Group Angered After Gay Community Hijacks Proud Boys Hashtag

Far-Right Group Angered After Gay Community Hijacks Proud Boys Hashtag

The far-right group the Proud Boys - remember the ones that President Donald Trump was dog-whistling in the general direction of at the debate last week? - have been left royally p***ed off after gay men hi-jacked their Twitter hashtag.

Basically, the gay community decided that they were the real Proud Boys, and started sharing stories of love, rather than hate. Naturally, that's not something that the far-right Proud Boys were particularly keen on.

Anyway, because they've got no unified presence on Twitter after being removed from the site, they've been posting on rival app Parler.

They've been taking to Parler in their numbers to complain about having to look at pictures of gay men when they see the #ProudBoys hashtag.


The Proud Boys aren't pleased about having their thunder stolen, and have rather predictably resorted to the levels of homophobic and downright fascist nonsense that they've made their name on.

Meanwhile, on Twitter where - for once - there is a nice and inclusive attitude, former Star Trek star George Takei, himself an outspoken LGBT+ activist, said: "We're proud of all the gay folks who have stepped up to reclaim our pride."


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Even the Canadian Armed Forces in the USA took part in the trend, too.

They shared a photograph of two men kissing, one of whom is a corporal called Brent Kenny, and wrote simply '#ProudBoys'.


That was shared then by the Canadian Navy Twitter account, as well as the ship that Kenny used to sail on.

It's all very wholesome, really.

Anyway, most people had never heard of the Proud Boys until last week, when they were name-checked by Donald Trump at the first debate between himself and Democratic rival candidate Joe Biden.


However, after the hijacking of their name, the group's chairman, Enrique Tarrio, said that 'the left' was turning the name of the group into a 'slur' and attempting 'to drown out the voices of our supporters'.

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