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The Internet Confuses Camera Guy As 'God With A Big Camera' In The Sky

The Internet Confuses Camera Guy As 'God With A Big Camera' In The Sky

People are always seeing religious iconography in things, whether it's Jesus in their jelly, Buddha in their butter or Ganesh in their garage.

Now another optical illusion has stumped the Internet as a video taken from a car in a storm appeared to show God with a giant camera in the sky.


The video, taken on a long stretch of road in Queensland, Australia, was posted online to Reddit to show the dark, rolling sky in the middle of a storm while heading west in the city of Mackay, north of the state.

However, the weird thing about this video is that viewers weren't particularly interested in the amazing, ominous view. Instead, they paid attention to a strange reflection which can be seen in the clouds.


A view of the sky west of Mackay on a more normal day. Credit: Google

Two hands holding a camera are clearly visible and appear to be looking down from above, perhaps surprising viewers who wondered whether the Almighty is a big fan of photography.

However, the reflection is obviously of the person who is taking the video, as becomes clear when the man behind the camera pans back to reveal that it is just a mirror reflection of the photographer from the car's windscreen.

One Reddit user was fast to see the giant image in the sky, though, with the first comment on the video asking: "Is that God with a big camera?"

"Hahahaha it is," the original poster replied. That's a pretty rare sighting if so.

The video appears to be shot from the Peak Downs Highway just outside Mackay. Credit: Google

Other Reddit users ignored the person's post and simply commented on the beauty of the storm or where the car was heading.

"North Queensland storms are something else," one person wrote, who clearly knows the area well.

"Did you go through it?" asked another, intrigued by the driver's apparent storm-chasing.

One person was even less than impressed with the driver's appearing to film and drive at the same time: "Is a dog driving?" they asked. Disappointingly, the original poster didn't get the joke.

Yet again, people thought they were seeing the sublime in things but it turned out to have a perfectly normal, boring explanation.

All this scenario reminds me of is the bit from the Simpsons where Lisa sees Mufasa, Bleeding Gums Murphy and Darth Vader appear in the sky. That would be far cooler.

Featured Image Credit: Google

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