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Time Traveller Sheds Light On What Life Is Like In 2300

Tom Wood

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Time Traveller Sheds Light On What Life Is Like In 2300

A person who claims that they have travelled forward in time has conveniently returned from the distant future to tell us mere mortals about what we can expect a bit further down the line.

You may have seen something from these guys before. Apparently, everyone who has been to the future knows to report to a YouTube channel called Apex TV where they are in some way obscured before telling us their news on grainy internet video.

This guy is no different.

The man calls himself Gerard Gardner and in the video he claims that he went to the year 2300. As with every single case like this broadcast by Apex TV, there's a leap of faith required.

That's because, of course, there's no proof.

Despite that, the channel has more than 1,000,000 subscribers, so either people are really interested to know why you'd gather around wearing ridiculous rubber masks and lying to people, or there must be something in it.

Have a peep at the video and make up your own mind.

So, what can we - or at least our descendants - look forward to?

First off, there are going to be cities more than a mile high in the sky. Apart from Los Angeles, which is apparently completely submerged.

Oh, and society is going to be controlled by an incredibly powerful computer.

That'll take some getting used to, for sure.

Here he is... Credit: Apex TV
Here he is... Credit: Apex TV

Gardner - if that is (it isn't) his real name - claims to be an English governmental employee taken onto a secret programme in 1988.

Of the project to send him to the future, he said: "If they could do this, they would have great power over our society, and they knew they must perfect this technology before any other country does."

Well, that makes total sense.

He went on to say that the floating cities are useful because it helps them to move around and they cause less pollution

Would they look like this? Credit: Pexels
Would they look like this? Credit: Pexels

He added: "Anti-gravity techniques have been perfected to the degree that they can levitate an entire city."

As for our computer overlords, they've done away with rules and made all laws more like guidelines. How very 'Pirates of the Caribbean' of them.

If someone breaks the guidelines, the computers ship them off to a work camp for a bit. The worst offenders have their consciousness uploaded to a computer, in which state they live out their days.

There is no money, no banks, and no war. Sounds pretty good, eh?

Well, Gardner certainly thought so. Before breaking into tears, he said that "I would have stayed longer if I could".

Well, 2019 might be bad, but at least we know where we stand. Oh, and they're not going to imprison our minds within computers just yet.

Topics: Technology, Weird

Tom Wood
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