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Grandad left with bill worth thousands as influencers keep standing outside his home

Grandad left with bill worth thousands as influencers keep standing outside his home

He said the tiles outside his home have been damaged by the number of people who pose outside

A man who lives in a pastel pink house says he will have to fork out thousands to pay for damage caused by people using his unusual home for photoshoots. You can see how busy it can get here:

Peter Lee, 77, said he has droves of people, including influencers, families and even ballerinas rocking up to take photographs outside his home on a daily basis. 

And the popularity of his west London home has come at quite the price for poor Peter who says he’s had to spend thousands on repairs for his £2million gaff.

Peter says the tiles outside his house have cracked and he thinks the damage was caused by people who are willing to throw themselves in all kinds of odd positions in the quest to get the perfect shot. 


Peter said: "I don't know what they're doing, blogs on their websites?

"One girl was sat out there for half a day on her own. She put her phone in the middle of the street, took photos of herself against the house and then ran back to grab the phone when a car came.

"I normally just watch them on the screen, but I had to go down and say "did you get what you wanted? You've been out there for half the day.""

The grandfather has had large crews of models turn up with tents to change in, and one group with a tent left a bag of clothes outside the garage.

He said: "They were nice clothes: I gave them to my granddaughter, she was quite happy to receive them, they were too good to give to the charity shop.


"I left a note on the railings saying I have the clothes inside, so I did the right thing.

"I think they had been doing so many photoshoots they forgot where they left the clothes, which I was surprised at, the clothes weren't cheap and they were brand new with labels."

However, he’s concerned about the cost of the pending repairs, saying it will cost thousands. 

He went on: "Girls with high heels are probably causing damage to the steps - I did see one girl in heels jumping up and down flinging her arms up in the air.

"I was watching from the living room and thought that stupid girl is going to be damaging my tiles - I went outside afterwards and saw two tiles were cracked.

"They're strong enough for walking but not jumping.


"They could have been cracked from somebody delivering the washing machine, I can't totally put it down to the girls dancing up and down the steps.

"Breaking the tiles is a nuisance, but it's done.

"These tiles should last a lifetime. As you can see from the photographs I'm very finickity about every detail.

"It's going to cost thousands of pounds to replace the steps, and I can't get the old fashioned tiles.

"The modern version of the tiles are so thin, they look rubbish. And it's still £2,500 to do ten steps.

"They just do not look good, when you have a period house it's the little details that matter. I want to keep it authentic."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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