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Wetherspoon confirms which pubs will soon be closing down

Wetherspoon confirms which pubs will soon be closing down

There's a number of pubs set to be sold off

The list of Wetherspoon pubs that will be closing their doors for good has been revealed, with 11 already being sold off.

Alongside those already sold, there’s 35 pubs still up for sale, all of which will remain open and trading as usual until they’re bought.

The pubs set to close are in numerous cities across the UK, including several in London and others in Southampton, Derby and Middlesbrough.

The closures were announced last year, with a Wetherspoon spokesperson telling LADbible: “On occasion, Wetherspoon does put some of its pubs up for sale. This is a commercial decision.

‘We understand that customers and staff will be disappointed with it. The pubs will continue to operate as Wetherspoon outlets until they are sold.”

Back in October, Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin had faced a ‘momentous challenge’ on its hands to tempt customers back after lockdown.

Eleven pubs have been sold already.
Kevin Britland / Alamy Stock Photo

He suggested that many pub-goers had seen the cheaper booze on offer in supermarkets and may no longer going out to the pub - even that offers Curry Club.

Martin said: “During lockdown, dyed-in-the-wool pub-goers, many for the first time, filled their fridges with supermarket beer – and it has proved to be a momentous challenge to persuade them to return to the more salubrious environment of the saloon bar.”

Martin said numerous issues had come together at once causing a nightmare for the hospitality industry.

“To coin a Shakespeare phrase, ‘the multiplying villainies of nature do swarm upon’ the hospitality industry,” he said. “Following the lockdowns and restrictions of the pandemic - and surprisingly perhaps, the aftermath has been just as difficult for many companies.

Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin.
Russell Hart / Alamy Stock Photo

“Most commentators, including most publicans, understandably predicted a post-lockdown boom, in which the public would react to enforced cabin fever by embarking on a celebratory spree, but the reality has, in contrast, been a painstakingly slow recovery in sales, for some but not all, accompanied by great inflation in costs.”

However, he also said that the pub chain has 'improved its prospects in a number of ways in recent financial years' and noted that 'underlying sales are improving'.

If you’re wondering if your local Wetherspoon is one of those going, the pubs already sold are:

Harvest Moon - Orpington

Alexander Bain - Wick

Chapel an Gansblydhen - Bodmin

Moon on the Square - Basildon

Coal Orchard - Taunton

Running Horse - Airside Doncaster Airport

Wild Rose - Bootle

Edmund Halley - Lee Green

The Willow Grove - Southport

Postal Order - Worcester

North and South Wales Bank - Wrexham

Basildon’s Moon on the Square has sold.
Helen Cowles / Alamy Stock Photo

And the pubs still up for sale are:

The Butlers Bell - Stafford

Worlds Inn - Romford

Silkstone Inn - Barnsley

Wrong ‘Un - Bexleyheath

The Percy Shaw - Halifax

Jolly Sailor - Hanham

The Alfred Herring - Palmers Green

The Moon & Bell - Loughborough

The Widow Frost - Mansfield

Resolution - Middlesbrough

Foxley Hatch - Purley

The Rising Sun - Redditch

Sennockian - Sevenoaks

Admiral Sir Lucius Curtis - Southampton

The Colombia Press - Watford

The Malthouse - Willenhall

The John Masefield - New Ferry

The Crosse Keys - Peebles

The Angel in Islington is one of the pubs up for sale.
Thomas Carver / Alamy Stock Photo

Lord Arthur Lee - Fareham

The Saltoun Inn - Fraserburgh

General Sir Redvers Buller - Crediton

Plough & Harrow - Hammersmith

Thomas Leaper - Derby

Cliftonville - Hove

Tollgate - Turnpike Lane

Asparagus - Battersea

Millers Well - East Ham

Hudson Bay - Forest Gate

Angel - Islington

The Billiard Hall - West Bromwich

Capitol - Forest Hill

The Bankers Draft - Eltham

Moon on the Hill - Harrow

The Bank House - Cheltenham

Last Post - Loughton

Featured Image Credit: PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo/ JD Wetherspoon

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