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When Is The Next UK General Election?

When Is The Next UK General Election?

All you need to know about the date of the next election in the UK

Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid have both quit, setting off a flood of ministerial resignations.

The Prime Minister is now clinging on to his job, and could face another vote of no confidence at any moment.

Amid all this political drama, when will be the next time the public get to vote on who governs us?

When Is The Next General Election? 

Unless Johnson, or an alternative Prime Minister, decides to call for a Election themselves, the next UK General Election will take place no later than December 2024.

The exact date has yet to be announced, but must take place five years after the commencement of the current government, which was in December 2019. 

The likelihood of Johnson calling for his own General Election, termed a ‘snap election’ when self-prescribed, is hard to calculate.

Despite being a popular choice with his predecessor, Theresa May, who herself called for a snap election in June 2017 when the government was knee-deep in Brexit negotiations, it is unclear whether Johnson will do the same. 

Submission to a snap election is made unlikelier in light of the recent local election results, in which the Tories lost 336 Council seats.

The Lib Dems, in contrast, gained 194 and Labour 22.

While Labour, the Lib Dems, and even the Green Party have generally fared better in local elections, such a loss is a bad omen for the conservatives, which would leave them wary of going back to the people again soon.

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