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Woman attacked by koala in Queensland after getting too close

Woman attacked by koala in Queensland after getting too close

Government authorities advised motorists not to approach the animal as they can become quite aggressive.

A Queensland woman has found out the hard way what happens when you get a little too close and personal with a territorial koala.

The video posted to TikTok, which has now earned more than one million views, shows an onlooker capturing the woman attempting to approach the marsupial on the side of a busy highway.

The man is heard saying: “This b***h trying to talk a f**king koala … it’s about to f**k her day up, and I’m about it."

And just like that, the little furry creature lunged at the woman not once but three times, prompting her to fall backwards onto the road.

Just as she falls, the koala is seen striking the woman once again.

The video has left viewers shocked by the unassuming attack; as one person wrote: “People just have no idea how dangerous they are.”

Another said: “When Americans come to Australia.”

A third person wrote: “Did she think it was pretty boy from outback?”

While another commented: “she saw blinky bill and wanted his autograph.”

Blinky’s publicist should have warned that the star doesn’t take too kindly to fans.

According to a-z Animals, although koalas are not typically dangerous, they can see red when feeling threatened and confronted. 

While they seem friendly, the Queensland Department of Environment and Science advises motorists not to approach the animal as they can be unpredictable.


But this isn’t the first time the old drop bear has had a little scrap or too.

In 2006, a group of thieves broke into Rockhampton Zoo in Queensland to steal the native Australian animal and exchange it for marijuana, according to Sydney Morning Herald.

However, the koala became extremely vicious, leaving the group of men with scratches and lacerations all over their body, which led them to steal a 1.2 metre (3.9 feet) crocodile instead.

Yes, you read the sentence correctly.

The 21-year-old zookeeper Wil Kemp told the outlet: "The original plan was to steal a koala - that's what they were going to use to swap [for] the drugs.

"[But] apparently [the koala] scratched the s**t out of them.''

He added: "The people who did it must have been quite stupid. It's the last thing I wound have thought a member of the general public would try to steal for drugs."

And honestly, if there’s any CCTV footage of this moment, it’s about time the zoo leak it.

Featured Image Credit: jayshel23/TikTok.

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