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Terrifying moment wild bear goes for tourist who got out of car for selfie

Terrifying moment wild bear goes for tourist who got out of car for selfie

If you go down to the woods today...

Terrifying footage shows the moment a wild bear lunged at a tourist who tried to take a selfie with it. Check it out here:

While you would assume most people know at this point not to go near wild, carnivorous animals - you know, the kind that like to eat humans - apparently this lesson needs to be reiterated.

And hopefully, this video should serve as the perfect demonstration of what not to do if you are confronted with a bear.

In the clip, which was filmed in Romania, a woman can be seen walking over to the large beast by the side of the road while holding something in her hand.

The people recording her from the safety of another car much further away are then heard saying: "I have to film it, look how she is holding her hand, stupid girl."

Things then almost take a turn for the worse when the bear suddenly lunges at the woman, giving her the fright of her life.

She quickly turns and sprints to the safety of her car and the animal stops after its initial jump, although it looks pretty damn pissed.

Definitely not worth a new profile pic.

The onlookers recording gasp in shock, saying: "Can you see how stupid she is? Go into the car. All that risk for a picture with a bear?"

The original video was published on TikTok by Alessandro Bacaoanu but it has since been deleted.

It is unclear exactly where in Romania the incident was filmed, but local authorities have issued repeated warnings for drivers not to treat bears on the roadside as pets.

As said by Costel Alexe, the Minister of the Environment: "The bear is a wild animal protected by law, not a pet.

"I say once again to the citizens of this country: a bear which has tasted biscuits, wafers, and feels that he can get his food in this way, will never be able to adapt to the forest again."

And while we're on the topic of what not to do if you encounter a wild bear, a family also recently came face to face with one while out on a countryside picnic.

Kaitlyn Nesbit and her family were pictured sitting at the table with the black bear, who was clearly grateful for the company and was even seen wolfing down a peanut butter sandwich.

That's a bit close for comfort.

In fact, it ate it right out of their hands, which many would say makes that person incredibly brave or incredibly stupid. Maybe both.

Thankfully everyone made it out of the situation unscathed - but it could've turned to tragedy pretty easily.

Featured Image Credit: @alessandrobacaoanu/TikTok

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