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Woman bursts into tears after hairdresser gave her 'the worst haircut of her life'

Woman bursts into tears after hairdresser gave her 'the worst haircut of her life'

And worst of all, she still tipped him.

A woman has been horrified after her hairdresser gave her the ‘worst haircut’ of her life.

Ah, girl, we’ve all been there.

TikToker Mia, who goes by the name miasmacaronmakes online, posted a video after she received a fresh cut from the stylist who went a little, let's say, rogue.

“[I] Just had the worst haircut of my entire life. Like, look at this. The entire time I had to tell him every step of the way,” she explained in the video in between sobbing.

“There's chunks of my bangs that just never got cut. He had the bangs at crazy angles and I ended up having to tell him to fix it every second.”

I mean, she does look like a poodle who just won best in show. Or just tell people it’s very French!

Mia proceeded to explain she gave her hairdresser loads of reference photos to convey the style she wanted.

However, he continued to cut her hair with a buzzer and never snipped the longer front pieces, leaving some bits uneven.

“He cut my bangs with the buzzer and shaved off the top part of my eyebrows,” she said.

And worst of all, she still tipped him.

God, it’s like a reflex.

“Who does that? And I didn't even have the guts... I still tipped him 10 per cent. And I didn't say anything - I just wanted to be out of there as soon as possible,” she continued.

She added: 'It just looks so bad. It's just brutal, right?"

At least we have our health, right?

She concluded the video by urging anyone who gets ‘bad vibes’ from their hairdresser to leave the salon immediately.

The video, which has accumulated over 800,000 views, had many empathising with Mia.

One person wrote: “Where did you get this done! I'm so sorry you had a bad experience!”

Another said: “I'm shocked that you even asked for anything even remotely like this.”

While a third commented: “As a hairstylist…. I don’t even know how some people are allowed to hold scissors/shears. This is brutalllllll.”

However, some were rather amused at the situation, as one person said: “It’s not even funny, but as a hairstylist I’m crying.”

While another penned: “I think I laughed a little too hard."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/miasmacaronmakes

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