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Woman Denied Job Because Of Her 'Inappropriate' Voicemail Message

Woman Denied Job Because Of Her 'Inappropriate' Voicemail Message

The would-be employer told her she should have a 'more appropriate response' while job seeking

A woman says she was turned down for a job because of her 'inappropriate' voicemail message. Now, I know you’re probably expecting something pretty shocking here, but it’s actually quite tame - check it out: 

In a clip shared on TikTok, Zanaya Jones - who posts under the handle @zanayajones8 - revealed a voicemail left for her by a would-be employer in which they said she should have recorded a ‘more appropriate’ message for her voicemail inbox while she was job seeking. 

The voicemail states: “Yes Ms Jones, I recommend that if you apply for a job and you expect somebody to call you, that you have a more appropriate response on your voicemail. So thank you for applying and no need to give us a call back. Thank you, bye bye.”

Sharing the clip, Jones wrote: “The time I didn’t get hired because of my voicemail.”

As you can imagine, folks were very curious about exactly what the voicemail message was, with some thinking it must have contained some pretty foul language. 

In response, Jones shared a second clip in which she revealed the message and it turned out to be fairly innocuous. 

In the voicemail message Jones says: “What’s up, what’s up, what’s up? What’s up y’all? It’s your girl Naya and I’m back with another banking banger. I’m sorry I couldn’t answer the phone, please leave your name, number, yeah, and all that, yeah.”

It’s maybe not the most professional voicemail message I’ve ever heard, but this isn’t a professional phone line - it’s just the woman’s personal mobile.


After revealing her message, many fellow TikTok users were shocked that it prevented her from getting a job, while some suggested she’d been lucky not getting the role as the employer would have been a ‘nightmare’. 

One person wrote: “It’s not even bad! Working for someone that uptight would have been a nightmare!”

Someone else commented: “There is literally nothing wrong with this.”

While a third person said: “This isn’t bad especially for a retail/grocery store job. He was being ridiculous and I’m almost sure there is a hiring sign hanging outside the store.”

Another person joked: “I woulda called him back like, ‘wassup wassup WASSUPPPP?!’”

However some disagreed and could see why a recruiter may be put off by the message.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@zanayajones8

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