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Woman Discovers She's Being Catfished After Spotting Apple Watch In Photos

Woman Discovers She's Being Catfished After Spotting Apple Watch In Photos

Jocelyn quickly became suspicious that something weird was going on

A woman has revealed how she discovered that a man she had matched with on a dating app was catfishing her. Watch below:

Jocelyn, from Canada, said she matched with a handsome guy called Myles on Bumble recently, with the pair exchanging a few messages.

Careful not to dive in too quickly, she explained that she didn't give away much information about herself, but she thought he was 'cute' and they swapped numbers.

However, the potential romance came crashing down around her when she spotted that he was wearing an Apple Watch in his photos.

Now, on the face of it (get it?), that shouldn't raise any alarm bells; loads of people have got Apple watches these days.

Well, it wouldn't be particularly suspicious if his messages to Jocelyn were coming through as iMessages... but they weren't, they were coming through as texts, as if he was messaging from an Android phone.

Jocelyn became suspicious after exchanging a few messages with Myles.

And according to Apple, a person needs to have an iPhone 6 or later in order to use one of its watches.

So Jocelyn turned into a detective and did a little digging, reverse image searching Myles' photos to see what came up.

And, lo and behold, it turned out that he wasn't quite who he claimed to be, tracking down to pictures to another man's Instagram account.

The man was wearing an Apple watch in his pictures.

In a video posted to her TikTok account, Jocelyn, who lives in Ontario, explains: "And what do we have here, an Instagram model from New York.

"The guy I matched with is pretending to be somebody named Myles, not Ron, the actual guy that's in the pictures."

She added: "Thankfully, I hardly spoke to this guy and invested zero percent of my time, and have not even told him yet that I know that he's catfishing me."

Jocelyn finished off her message by warning other women to be careful when using dating apps.

She said: "Stay woke, ladies, stay alert, catfishes everywhere."

Turned out that Myles wasn't who he said he was.

Since the video was posted, it has been viewed more than 693,000 times, with thousands piling into the comments.

Praising Jocelyn for her eagle-eyed detective skills, one user said: "That is the most impressive detective work I’ve seen yet!! Love your work."

Another thanked her for raising awareness of the issue, writing: "Thanks for this story. I just got Bumble so I will be more attentive!"

Others pointed out that people can turn off their iMessages, however, Jocelyn explained that that wasn't actually the first thing that tipped her off.

In another video, she explained that she had a few suspicions when they swapped numbers to organise a date and he didn't even mention it.

She said: "When he didn't, I was, like, 'that's weird, that's very weird'. That and the Android thing, so then I looked into it."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jjustjocelym

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