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Woman who pierced her eyelid claims it's not as bad as you think it'd be

Woman who pierced her eyelid claims it's not as bad as you think it'd be

TikToker @merdurh got her eyelid pierced when she was 21, and says it's never caused her any grief

A woman has got TikTok squirming after revealing she has a pierced eyelid – but claims it’s not as bad as people think. You can take a closer look at the unusual piercing below: 

TikToker @merdurh, who works as a cellular and molecular biologist, shared a number of videos on the platform to talk others through her piercing, which she has had for more than a decade. 

After she’d posted a few lifestyle videos, one follower noticed that she appeared to have a gold hoop on her eyelid, and asked if it was a piercing. 

@merdurh then shared a response, zooming in on her face as she tugged at the hoop to confirm it was, indeed, a pierced eyelid.

She shared a number of videos on TikTok about the piercing.

This opened up a whole world of questions from other baffled users, prompting her to post a ‘story time’ video about how it came about. 

"I was 21 and wanted to do a body modification as a form of self-expression,” she said. 

"And I hadn’t seen this on anybody else so it felt unique and, like, my own - that’s why I got it done. I think it’s the second least common piercing, or something like that.” 

Showing us the ring she uses, she continued: “For everyone asking how I change it... This is a hinge ring, so it closes and snaps shut like so. It is a pain in the butt to change, I will admit that. 

“I approached it how I think most people approach their tattoos – is that they want something that feels like their own that’s unique to them, and that’s why I did it." 

She has had the piercing since she was 21, and says it has never caused her any trouble.

Someone else asked the inevitable question of whether or not the piercing hurt when she had it done, to which @merdurh replied: “It didn’t hurt when he pierced it because he had it clamped, but when he unclamped it and tried to push the jewellery through, that pinched quite a bit.

"It did stay swollen for a while afterwards, too – so, for a couple of months.” 

She also said the ring doesn’t actually ‘rub’ on her eye, as it sits on the little indent in the corner of her eyelid, and that ‘multiple optometrists’ have never had any concerns with it. 

While her eyelid was swollen for some time after the piercing, she hasn't since felt any pain.

“They say it looks well taken care of, and if it starts to irritate me then I should take it out, which makes sense,” she said. 

“It’s never been infected either.

"The cool thing about your eyes is that you have this naturally occurring saline that you produce for your eyes, and it keeps things pretty clean.

"And then, in that, you also have these enzymes that break down pathogens, and they’re called lysozymes, so that also makes it pretty clean.” 

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@merdurh

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