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Woman Asks If She's Wrong For Selling Cheating Ex-Fiance's Family Heirloom For $25,000

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Woman Asks If She's Wrong For Selling Cheating Ex-Fiance's Family Heirloom For $25,000

Imagine the scenes: you are preparing to get married to the love of your life but then you catch your husband-to-be cheating on you a month before the wedding you had already paid $20,000 (£14,764) for.  

This is surely one of those things that only happens in films right? Wrong.

In Reddit forum Am I The A**hole (AITA), one user detailed her drama-fuelled, traumatic ordeal with her now ex-fiancé and ask if she was indeed an a**hole for the way she reacted to the news of his cheating.  

Taking us back to the beginning, the 27-year-old female explained that she was supposed to get married to her ex-fiancé this month, but last week a mutual friend caught him cheating with his ex-girlfriend. 


After finding this out, our ‘AITA’ user called off the wedding she had taken out the large loan of $20,000 to pay for. 

What is also important to this story is that the groom-to-be had supposedly already agreed to share this financial burden, but this commitment would only have been made official in the ex-couple's prenup, which never came into effect as they never got married.  

So instead of offering to pay half, the cheating man allegedly told our ‘AITA’: “It isn’t my problem you took out a loan you can’t pay back,” and then stopped replying to her further messages asking for at least some financial contribution. 

Woman stressed looking at her sad debt, credit: Alamy
Woman stressed looking at her sad debt, credit: Alamy

The story then gets interesting as the 27-year-old woman then considers her options on how she could pay back this wedding and turns to her $25,000 engagement ring that was allegedly a family heirloom belonging to his great grandmother. 

After the wedding was cancelled, the reddit user told her ex that if he didn’t agree to help pay off the loan, she would sell the ring.  

To this ultimatum, the man did not reply but supposedly went around telling the friends that he 'didn’t care' because his partner 'wouldn’t do it'.

Well everyone, she certainly did it.  

Woman with money, credit: Alamy
Woman with money, credit: Alamy

As a result, she reports being called a “petty b***h”, with her own family members even telling her that she over-reacted. 

This led to her taking to Reddit to ask if she was the asshole in this situation. 

Despite the verdict from her cheating ex and family, Reddit users were pretty unanimous that ‘AITA’ did the right thing.  


One user raised that the 'literal point of an engagement ring (in the old days)' was so 'the woman would have something of value so she wouldn’t have to worry if her husband, the bread earner, left her', thus she is 'fully within her rights to sell it'.

Another stated: “I believe that engagement rings and heirlooms should be returned after a breakup. That being said, he cheated a month before the wedding, blocked your messages, refused to help pay and mocked you. As Reddit loves to say- he f***ed around and found out. NTA [not the a**hole].” 

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

Topics: Sex and Relationships, Money

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