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Woman tells plane passenger to ‘hold it’ after he used toilet four times during three-hour flight

Woman tells plane passenger to ‘hold it’ after he used toilet four times during three-hour flight

She told him he was rude for not listening to her.

A man has asked whether he was in the wrong for going to the bathroom a few times during a short flight.

If you're on an aisle seat then it's so easy to nip to the toilet whenever you want without having to worry about anyone.

However, if you're in the middle or on a window seat then it's virtually impossible to do your business without asking the people next to you to get up.

Admittedly, I have tried once or twice to climb over sleeping passengers and it didn't end well.

But one bloke has revealed how he was told to 'hold it' because his fellow traveller was sick of standing up.

Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images

In a Reddit post, he said: "I read that you dehydrate twice as fast on a plane as you do elsewhere, so I packed two 40oz water bottles and planned to drink both of them over the course of the flight (should note I’m a pretty big person and an athlete)."

He explained that he booked a middle seat on the three-hour journey because he was on a budget and doesn't normally care where he sits.

The unnamed man continued: "Each time, the person sitting on the aisle got progressively annoyed. She was sleeping and I woke her up each time.

"She would sigh, groan, roll her eyes, etc whenever I got up.

"When I used the bathroom for the third time, she asked me if I could try to hold it for the remainder of the flight so she could sleep."

Joko/Bildagentur-online/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

He said at this point it was only 4pm and there was no time change involved in the flight.

The bloke didn't restrict his water consumption because he wanted to stay hydrated rather than appease the woman next to him.

"When I got up for the fourth time, she told me I was rude for not following her request," he said.

"I told her it was either that, dehydrate, or wet myself and going to the bathroom seemed like the best option. She told me no one needs to drink enough to pee four times in less than three hours unless they have a bladder issue. She then asked me if I had a bladder issue and I said no, not that that’s your business.

"I asked if she wanted to switch seats so I didn't have to climb over her, but she refused."

The woman apparently even got a flight attendant involved who eventually sided with the man.

Featured Image Credit: Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

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