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Woman Bites Into 'Tooth' Inside Her Greggs Sausage Roll

Woman Bites Into 'Tooth' Inside Her Greggs Sausage Roll

She said she was left 'horrified' after the discovery

A woman was left horrified after tucking into a sausage roll only to discover what she claimed to be a tooth lurking beneath the pastry. 

Liz Morgan, an actor, nipped into her local Greggs in Eastbourne to pick up the savoury snack and sat down to dig in, but shortly after she started eating it she claims she made the shocking discovery.

Liz said: “I sat down and I was enjoying it, and I was going to be very quick because they were shutting.

“I was chewing it and I felt something hard. It wasn’t like gristle so I took it out and, God, there it was – a tooth.

“I don’t know if it was a porker or whether it’s human. Probably a pig’s would’ve been safer.”

I’m not sure the poor pig would agree with you there, Liz. 

Penn News

Liz went on to say that the toothy addition to her pastry left her feeling ‘horrified’, which I reckon is a fairly understandable response given the situation. 

After making the unwelcome discovery, Liz spoke to the manager at The Beacon shopping centre and was told that she should contact the chain’s central customer service team over the incident, so she did.  

“I had a long correspondence with customer services who seemed very concerned with it and said they were going to make their own enquiries,” Liz said. 

“So back came the letter to offer me £15. That’s twelve sausage rolls – I could have a set of teeth out of it.”

Not a bad deal, I’m sure you’ll agree. 

Liz says after months spent in lockdown, she’d come to enjoy a trip to Greggs to grab herself a coffee or a snack, but - perhaps unsurprisingly - since finding the tooth she’s not been back. 

Liz Morgan.
Pen News

A spokesperson for Greggs said an investigation into the matter was underway and that Liz was being kept informed about what was going on. 

They said: “We take all matters of food safety and hygiene seriously and were in regular dialogue with the customer, keeping them updated whilst our investigations were underway.”

Earlier this year, the boss of the popular bakery chain warned that price increases were set to hit some of its most beloved items. 

Back in May, Roger Whiteside, who has since stepped down from his role, warned that the company would ‘have to make some increases again soon’. 

He added: “It will be on selected items, but it will be across different areas, so there might be 5p or 10p increases on some products."

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