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Woman who got tattoos in her 20s explains why she regrets them in her 30s

Woman who got tattoos in her 20s explains why she regrets them in her 30s

The TikToker said that her tattoos no longer match her 'aesthetic'.

A woman covered head to toe in ink reveals why she now regrets her tattoos.

A 36-year-old TikToker has revealed to her followers that she's had second thoughts about all the markings she received in her 20s.

Sara said: “Imagine if you will that you put a shirt on once when you were in your 20s – and now you have to wear that for the rest of your life.

“And that is what it feels like to get heavily tattooed before you turn into a fully developed adult human.”

The social media content creator added that there are many reasons why she has questioned her designs, but mainly because they don't match her 'aesthetic'.

She said she didn't recognise the severity of getting tattoos in her 20s before she realised 'who she was' in her 30s.

"All of these tattoos don't necessarily reflect who I am at 36. They might have reflected a moment in time in my 20s, maybe a moment in time when I was not doing so well mentally, and they're there forever," she continued.

However, she won't be removing them anytime soon.

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She said: “Before anybody says anything, no I’m not getting all of my tattoos removed, that’s not even feasible, don’t even suggest it.”

Sara added that while all the tattoo artists who designed her ink were extremely talented, she'd prefer it if they weren't on her body.

The 36-year-old concluded the video by sharing some pearls of wisdom with those considering getting tattoos in their 20s.

“I also wanted to come on here and put myself out there and say that I was told that I would regret my tattoos when I got older.

“I am older and I do regret my tattoos – and you might too," she said.

Many viewers chimed in with their own personal horror stories of regretting their 'body art'.

One user said: "Me in my 20s: Any tattoo I get needs to have a lot of meaning.

"Me now: Forearm tattoo of a flamingo with shrimp cocktail."

Another said: "I'm 29 and I got heavily tattoo from 19-23. I def regret most of them for aesthetic reasons too."

While a third commented: "My husband has a literal rat and his ex-girlfriend tattoo on him."

Thank god for tattoo laser removal!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/saraovershares

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