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Woman’s ‘Day Made’ After Seeing Man At Gym Attempt One Of Her Reps

Woman’s ‘Day Made’ After Seeing Man At Gym Attempt One Of Her Reps

The man was seriously impressed by her strength

A gym-goer says her ‘day was made’ after a man at the gym attempted to do one of her reps and was left seriously impressed by her strength. You can see his attempt here: 

Angelica Salvador, from Melbourne in Australia, was doing some hip thrusts at the gym using a whopping 200kg weighted bar. 

After clocking her reps, a fellow gym-goer decided he fancied a try himself - and fortunately for us she managed to video the whole thing and share it on TikTok from her @angelicasalvador account. 

In the clip Angelica can be seen making the move look pretty easy, which may be what prompted the man to think he’d be able to give it a go. 

Approaching her, the bloke says: “Can I have a try? Seriously, I’ve been watching you the whole time… that’s like 200kg. I wanna crack at it. Can I try?” 


Angelica then hops out of the way while the man walks over, joking: “Will I pop a hernia?” to which she replies telling him not to injure himself. 

As he settles into the position, another man can be heard shouting 'She’s tough', while someone else adds: “Bro, she’s tougher than all of us.”

Seemingly proving that person right, the man then attempts to do the same hip thrusts and barely lifts the bar off the ground. He eventually gets it up about half as high as Angelica managed, before plopping back down and saying: “Hats off, man.” 


The clip has since been viewed more than 12 million times and has racked up thousands of comments, with many praising the fellas for their good humour and others blown away by Angelica's strength.

One person wrote: “These… These are not gym bros but gym kings.”

Someone else commented: “‘She's a lot tougher than all of us’. At least the bros understood.”

A third said: “I love that he gave it a go and was impressed by how awesome you are.”

While another person joked: “I popped my back just watching this video.”

Active-wear brand Gymshark commented on the video to say: “Rumour has it he’s still in the gym trying to lift it. But seriously this is so wholesome.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@angelicasalvador

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