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Workman Fired After Chucking Bag Of His S*** From A Crane

Workman Fired After Chucking Bag Of His S*** From A Crane

A construction worker has been fired from his job after he was caught lobbing a bag of poo off a crane in Dublin

A construction worker has been fired from his job after he was caught throwing a bag of poo off a crane in Dublin. You can watch the clip below (but make sure you're not eating food while doing so):

I don't know what this man ate for breakfast, but whatever it was, it managed to fill a horrifyingly impressive amount of a plastic bag, which he then proceeded to lob off the top of a crane.

Why? Who knows. But one thing's for sure, is that this man certainly came to regret his dirty deed when he found himself in a stinky situation with his management team.

The bag of poo a construction worker flung off the top of a crane in Dublin causing him to be fired.
@viralclipsirl/ TikTok

In the video, the man jokes about 'the joys of being a crane driver' as he stands recording himself drop the load while standing in the cab of the machinery.

He can be heard cackling away as he swings the bag over the side of the crane, releasing it onto an unsuspecting building below.

The worker then zooms in to the roof, where the bag can be seen having exploded, uneasily close to a window.

A bag of a man's poo soars through the air after he flung it off a crane in Dublin.

On 30 March, the project manager of the site signed off on the worker's removal, Dublin Live reports.

The worker has also been banned from ever working on any other site under the same construction company again.

In another video, a screenshot of the worker's 'Notification of Removal from Site (Red Card)' can be seen.

Under, 'Reason for Removal from Site,' it states: "[Name] and [Name] were observed throwing a bag of human faeces from the cab of the Tower Crane down onto a neighbouring building."

The video also reveals the man's WhatsApp voice note messages explaining that he's been fired, calling the person who told the building management 'a horrible c***".

A plastic bag full of a construction worker's poo splatted on the roof of a nearby building.
@viralclipsirl/ TikTok

The video has since amassed more than 100,000 views, with viewers taking to the comments section in disgust. One said: "Everybody else's fault but his."

"Is he blamin people for sharing it 😂 he obv sent it out 1st," another wrote.

A third commented: "Why did he think throwing it and posting it to social media was a good idea?"

A spokesperson for the building management company reflected on the 'highly regrettable' incident to Dublin Live.

They said: "As soon as we became aware of this incident they were removed from site and will not work on any other of our sites in the future.

"We also carried out a safety check and remedial hygiene works to the adjacent building, and we requested the social media companies involved to remove the content from their platforms."

Featured Image Credit: @viralclipsirl/ TikTok

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