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Man who put $4.2 million home up for auction responds after house winners complain about ‘nightmare’ winning

Man who put $4.2 million home up for auction responds after house winners complain about ‘nightmare’ winning

Lambo Guy has called the winning couple 'ungrateful'

The man who put a $4.2 million (£2.19 million) home for auction has responded after the winners have complained about the ‘nightmare’ situation.

Adrian ‘Lambo Guy’ Portelli says he purchased the mega house in Gisborne, north of Melbourne, at an auction.

Ran by his company LMCT+, he then offered it as the main prize in a lottery. But the ‘lucky’ winners don’t seem to feel so lucky about it anymore.

In fact, the couple claim their prize has turned into a ‘nightmare’ for them.

The Griffins, from Ballarat in Victoria, were excited to move in at first. But they claim they then found the property investor had stripped a number of items from the home which was advertised as ‘fully furnished’.

The couple say they have unearthed CCTV footage of Portelli removing luxury goods from the home, such as a robotic lawnmower, a treadmill, Smeg appliances and a BBQ smoker.

They’ve even issued him with a whopper of a bill for AU$102,000 (£53,164) with a list of all the items they reckon are missing.

Portelli shared video footage of himself showing the Griffins around.
Adrian Portelli/Facebook

And the Griffins also claim to have website called ‘Our LMCT Nightmare’ which they’ve threatened to set live if Lambo Guy doesn’t hand over the cash.

But Portelli has responded and says that those disputed items were only there for the purposes of the promotional video, not as part of the prize, and says they were under the lottery terms and conditions.

He’s slammed the couple as ungrateful and found cameras left behind by Channel Nine following a reality TV video, before they ‘hacked into them’.

Since the Griffins have spoken in the media about Portelli, he’s released outtakes from the handover video – including the family complaining about the state of the million-dollar home as they were handed the sought-after keys.

He added in the video: "Unfortunately, it's people like this that ruin it for everyone and it makes us not want to do things like this again."

With the house prize leaving a bitter taste, Lambo Guy has decided to run a giveaway of those ‘mystery home goods’ through LMCT+.

Here's the list of items that Portelli says he's accused of removing.
Adrian Portelli/Facebook

On social media, he said: “On a positive note, I’m going to give AU $100,000 to homeless people all across Australia.

“Also we are going to give away all the Block stuff that we ‘took’ – for AU $1 dollar. And all that money, 100 percent, is going to homeless people as well.

“I’m sure there’s a ton of homeless people at the moment that would die for a A$4.25 million house and a roof over their heads. Let’s try help out as many people as possible.”

In another video, he branded the couple ‘ungrateful’, adding: “I’ve lived in the US, I’ve been to other countries. It’s not like this at all.

"People support successful people. Here it’s just like, they want to shred bits off ya. It’s sad because it discourages people from wanting to be successful.”

LADbible has contacted LMCT+ for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@lmctplus

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